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Speaking Up For Women In Public Spaces

Posted: March 14, 2012

Blaming pubs, drinking, women being out late at night, clothing – authorities across different Indian states seem hell-bent on coming up with something to blame other than the fact that ineffective policing and the low conviction of alleged rapists is encouraging crime against women in India. As in the recent Gurgaon case, where police seem to thinking locking women up will solve the problem.

I am compiling here a list of the many posts that bloggers have written expressing their disgust with the way those responsible for city safety are reacting. Please send us more links if you come across any.

While there are also questions being raised on whether “outrage” over social media is “enough” – it can certainly be a part of what we do. Social media is an important part of the media today, and speaking up is one step towards telling the authorities in question that we are not happy – that restricting women’s movements is not the solution.

We would also like to add info about any protest events in Gurgaon and the NCR region, so if any of you are organizing/participating in such events, please let us know about those too in the comments, and we will include them here.


An open letter to Haryana authorities (Paroma Ray)

Are Gurgaon roads reserved for men?  (Indian Homemaker)

Score for Patriarchy (Shweta GK)

Women aren’t people you see! (Sangitha)

I have the right to be not raped (Anou)

Rape victims and trial by the media (Rohit Mishra)

Growing up a girl in Delhi (Meeta Sengupta)

PC Meena, please resign! (Vidyut)

The great Indian cop defense (Sandip Roy, Firstpost)

No country for women (Sine Qua Non)

The blame game (Rinzu Rajan)

The ‘real’ Gurgaon and the ugly one (Kalyani Menon-Sen)

A letter from men (Madhur Chadha)


Wednesday, 14th March, 2o12: Protestors at Sahara Mall against the rape and police inaction (protest pics here: tipped by Makepeace Sitlhou); There is also a report on this protest, Silence supports Silence by Ranjani Raghunathan at I stand for safe Delhi.

Thursday, 15th March, 2012: A protest is being organized outside the Sec 29 Police Station at 7 pm by Let’s Walk Gurgaon (Will add more event info/pics if available post event).

Gurgaon Girlcott is another group involved with similar protest activity and is looking for help from Gurgaon folks to make fliers, distribute and spread the word.

Sunday, 18th March, 2012: Protest at India Gate (This event took place and here are some pictures: organizers say they plan to keep the pressure up on the administration)

A petition you can sign and circulate, with guidelines for Gurgaon police by Vidyut

As a result of all the activity, a helpline for women in Gurgaon has now started, and police have (at least for now) taken back their anti-women stance.

The video of a protest by women’s orgs and individuals in Kolkata (similiar rape and victim blaming has been on there too)

A photography contest on safe spaces for women


Pic credit: Garry Knight (Image of a protestor at Slutwalk London, 2011; used under a Creative Commons license)

(Please note, this post will keep changing since more information is being added on from time to time).

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  1. Great effort. Useful reference. The list doesn’t say much. The titles are ok, we’ve read more strongly worded tweets. Not inviting.

    Would be nice to have author names and possibly the main stand being made, because for such subjects, it is usually the fire in the writer igniting the words.

  2. @Vidyut – thank you. the list is only meant to be a compilation, not a post on the stance/topic in itself – since many of the other posts written are already doing that. Will add in author names. Do send in any event info/links if you come across.

  3. Time for some positive action. Rants are great. Outrage is fantastic because it’s a sign that we are alive adn disgusted. But we need more beyond a visceral reaction. https://www.facebook.com/GurgaonGirlcott is looking at “girl”cotting commerce after 8pm in Gurgaon. How do you think that will work?

  4. @Richa – interesting idea. Would it make enough of a business impact to make people sit up? Adding it to the list.

  5. Good job, ladies.! Every post has something distinctive to say.! And let us make our voice be heard.! This vicious cycle of events has continued since ages.! Isn’t it.? Good luck to Gurgaon Gorlcott and protests at Sahara mall.!

  6. Agree with RIcha. it’s about time we did something. Nice compilation…

  7. hi: i had started this online campaign called stay indoors on 16 march. there’s also a facebook group by the same name (as the page wasn’t showing up in searches) basically it calls for a one day boycott by women across the NCR – we will not step out of our homes for one whole day, not even to buy groceries, milk, vegetables, pick up kids etc. can we do something to take this forward?

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