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Why You Should Blog Your Business [Infographic]

Posted: March 28, 2014

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Still doubtful of the benefits blogging can bring your business? Check out this infographic on why you should blog your business.

As regular readers here on Women’s Web would know, we cover a lot of stories here about women and entrepreneurship – success stories, stories of experimentation and finding your way, tips for women running businesses and so on. As an entrepreneur myself, these are some of my favourite stories here on the site!

When I meet fellow small business owners, one of the most commonly discussed topics is about being visible and attractive to potential customers (in our case, readers!)

When your budgets are low to non-existent, when your team is really small and you can’t afford advertising or a fancy PR agency, how do you even tell the world you exist? (And on that note, if I had a penny for every time a new reader wrote in to me  to say, “How come I never heard of you guys all this time, when you have such good reads on the site?!)

One of the answers to getting the word out about and creating your business brand: Blogging. Unmana has a most helpful article with 6 tips for successful business blogging, which you must read if you are getting started with or building your blog.

But, here I am sharing something for those of you who are not yet convinced of the merits of blogging. I came across this pretty cool infographic on Quick Sprout, on why business owners should blog, and the 2 biggest reasons that I came away with were:

  • 60% of consumers feel positive about a brand about reading a blog
  • 41% of users want to be notified when a brand has a news post on its blog

In an ad-saturated time, when many of us mentally switch off from advertising, how cool is it that users want to hear from a brand? Here’s the infographic below – have a look yourself!

Credits: Quicksprout


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