Best of Women’s Web – Editor’s Pick For Feb 2012

Posted: February 29, 2012

Starting this February, on the last day of every month, I will be putting together a list of what I think are the best posts on Women’s Web that month. What I think is highlighted because this is a very subjective exercise. These are just my favourites which I wanted to share with our readers – and remind you in case you missed any of them.

With that disclaimer aside, here is the Editor’s Pick from Women’s Web February 2012.

Careers Beyond Coding: Sairee Chahal shares her tips for programmers who want to look at alternative careers in technology. Her solid, ground-researched suggestions are worth looking into for anyone considering a career transition.

Handmade Women, with Karen Barbe: The first in a new series on women who create a business through craft, this one features a Chilean textile designer and her lovely hand-crafted products.

Moyna Chitrakar & Samhita Arni: We talk to the creators of the fantastic graphic novel Sita’s Ramayana, which narrates the epic from Sita’s point of view.

The Bitter Truth: Vinaya Bhagat explores the dark side of love; this was one of the winning entries in this month’s writing theme, ‘I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.”

Loo Blues: Why is women’s health and sanitation so rarely on the political agenda, asks Sangeeta.

Why this Kolaveri?: Anne John examines our contempt for women who smoke or drink, and the expectations on Indian women to behave in a certain way and ‘uphold’ Indian culture.

Welcome home, Baby!: An adoptive mother, Vandana Kumar shares her journey to building her family through adoption. An inspiring story this one.

Happy Reading (or re-reading!)

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