25 Writers Whose Work Women’s Web Readers Enjoyed The Most In 2018

With 2018 coming to a close in just a few days, it's time to look at the 25 most popular pieces by writers from the Women's Web community this year. 

With 2018 coming to a close in just a few days, it’s time to look at the 25 most popular pieces by writers from the Women’s Web community this year. 

As a community driven platform that’s all about enabling women to tell their own stories, 2018 has been a fantastic year at Women’s Web. We grew to being a community of 4000+ voices, and launched our Hindi section as well, adding on newer writers in Hindi. Offering readers multiple languages of their choice is on the agenda for 2019, so there is going to be much more coming up soon!

And of course, the biggest reason we have community members coming back to this platform for more, is because of the many strong voices we feature here. So we approach the end of 2019, here are the 25 writers whose pieces readers most enjoyed in 2018.

Anupama Dalmia

My Daughter Does Not Need To Be Submissive To Show Me Respect!

“I do not want her inherent spunk and fearlessness to get suppressed because of me. I want her to correct me when she feels I am screwing it up or when I am being unfair.”

Apoorva Menon

Suhana Khan Wears A Bikini And Plenty Of Folks Go Crazy 

“People didn’t fight for equality and against discrimination to be told on social media ‘you really should cover up, dear’. No, dear.”

Arunima Basu

Dear Parents, The World Is Ruthless. Better Teach Your Daughters To Be Fighters 

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“Don’t hold her back, don’t destroy her innocence at a tender age or else she will emerge as another Devi Durga (and burn you down with a ‘Dracarys’).”

Chandana Munipalle

These 10 Bollywood Inspired, Offbeat Saree Draping Styles Will Give Your Usual Saree A Makeover

“The beauty of this garment is that it can be twisted, tucked, pleated and draped in numerous ways that can keep you cool or warm depending on the weather.”

Jennifer Hanna Charles

Follow These 9 Indian Food Bloggers To Learn Some Delicious Lesser Known Cuisines 

“Indians have always been die-hard foodies, and India has been home to hundreds of regional and traditional cuisines.”

Kasturi Patra

5 Gutsy Women Share Their Stories Of Being A Single Mother In India 

“Having been raised by a single mother myself, I understand the huge obstacles such a woman must overcome almost on a daily basis.”

Meha Sharma

Everyone Wants To See Sara Khan’s Nude Pics…And Then Slam Her As Shameless! 

“The irony here is that those people who do not battle an eyelid before shaming a woman for being ‘shameless’ are actually the ones who are looking at the video and creating a fuss about it.”

Nandhitha Hariharan

Kaala Is An Important Movie: It Makes Us Rethink What Our Feminism Is 

“…can the Indian urban woman truly understand feminism without understanding the different lenses of caste and religion?”

Nishtha Pandey

Yet Another Leaked Nude Clip! Nah, I Don’t Care Anymore, Says Radhika Apte 

“The saddening fact is that we spend time debating about morality and whether someone (of legal age of course) should send nudes or suggestive pictures in the first place. However, there is no debate over whether leaking private nude photos or pictures that were sent in confidence is wrong.”

Padmavathi G

8 Indian Women On YouTube Who Make Totally Fabulous Videos! 

“Here are a few Indian women on YouTube who create compelling videos on lifestyle related topics in a very simple way.”

Parvadavardini Sethuraman

Should You Really Tolerate Emotional Abuse To Maintain ‘Peace In The House’? 

“Abuse need not be physical or verbal, treating your spouse as someone existing to just serve you, is according her an inferior status.”

Pooja Priyamvada

You’ll Be Shocked By How ‘Normal’ Some Of These 30 Signs Of Intimate Partner Abuse Are 

“While all cases of abuse are not sexual in nature, psychologists have proven that the main factor remains the power equation, that leads to assertion of that power by violence by the stronger person on the weaker one.”

Priya Parul Singh

A ‘Female Blackout’ – Are You Kidding Me? Women Need More Presence, Not Less! 

“My heart goes out to all the victims of abuse but it also makes me more determined to not accept tokenisms of feminism or protests.”

Rashi Roy

Sonali Bendre’s Sunshine Smile Is Inspiring For Many Battling Cancer 

“Sonali Bendre’s sunshine smile is highly inspiring and will give strength to many patients and their families. She knows there’s a long battle ahead and she chooses to fight it with a smile.”

Rhea Grover

9 Excellent Erotic Books By Women From The Indian Subcontinent 

“Good Indian erotica is hard to come by, even though the erotic was important in ancient India.”

Richa Mukherjee

When I Realised That I Didn’t Have To Do A Kareena After Becoming A Mom! 

“Yes things have become bigger, other things have shrunk, you don’t look the same and on some days you don’t think you look great. But the fact that you are on this side of the river because you waded through hell and back and made another lovely little person inside you, is the most beautiful thing about you!”


An Indian Wife Is Expected To ‘Support’, But The Husband Gives Her ‘Permission’. Why? 

“I have asked women if they too give permission to their husbands whenever they ask for it, and they look shocked, and one of them even said this is not how things happen in life.”

Samta Mittal

Cooking For The First Time In My MIL’s Kitchen, I Almost Burnt It Down! 

“It has been over 7 years since that day and I have learnt so much from my second mom since then, from cooking, managing home to life skills.”

Seema Taneja

This ‘Tough Mom’ Video Is Making The News For All The Wrong Reasons 

The DIL bearing the insults quietly while the little girls are watching only affirms the notion of a silent, sacrificial woman as the ideal bahu”

Shreya Das

Supreme Court Rules: Wife Can Now File A Domestic Violence Complaint Even After Divorce 

“This order should act as a flag bearer for all domestic violence cases. Many times, even after a divorce, the wife is being abused by the husband and his family.”

Sonalika Arora

5 Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs In Chennai Whose Stories You’ll Love! 

“Be it healthcare, retail, logistics or brand building, women entrepreneurs are making their mark in every field.”

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

Veere Di Wedding: Same Old Privileged Brat Woman As ‘Women Empowerment’? 

“…what’s with empowerment as projected in Bollywood under the guise of entertainment and the use of derogatory words like ‘behenchod/chuth’? I mean, isn’t the word itself a slur towards the very sex it aspires to set free free?”

Surbhi Dewan

When A Nepal PM’s Daughter Manushi Yami Bhattarai Lived In Hiding For 10 Years In India

“While in north Bengal, she was supposed to be from Delhi. While in Delhi, she belonged to Sikkim. Her father was an architect, her mother a teacher. She also gave herself an imaginary younger brother from time to time.”

Dr. Sweta Singh

On Diwali Day A Rapist Contacted Me For Medical Advice After Raping A 10 y.o. 

“This cannot go on. We cannot let our children be harmed. We cannot let them be raped or abused. We cannot stand by and watch it happen.”

Tanvi Sinha

No, Living With In-Laws Is Not The Law. And I Am Not A Criminal If I Breach It! 

“He will not ruin his life by having his parents move in with him! At the appropriate time, a woman unknown to him for 20-30 years will enter his life and take up the primary responsibility of taking care of his parents.”

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