Suhana Khan Wears A Bikini And Plenty Of Folks Go Crazy

It’s funny how even though the year is 2018, some of us still have the mindset of the year 1820. Suhana Khan wearing a bikini is still a problem.

It’s funny how even though the year is 2018, some of us still have the mindset of the year 1820. Suhana Khan wearing a bikini is still a problem.

It’s 2018 and we still can’t stop ourselves from commenting on things that other people find joy in.

For example, Suhana Khan (Actor Shahrukh Khan’s daughter) recently posted a picture of herself in a bikini – in which she looks absolutely fab, by the way! And of course, all the nosy parkers of Instagram had their opinions about something and someone who wasn’t remotely related to them.

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Expert comments on how an 18 y.o should dress

Many of the comments on the photos are honestly so childish and illogical, you lose a few brain cells just reading them. And at some point, the comments are no longer about what she’s wearing but about her religion and how Shah Rukh Khan has ‘no control’ over his daughter.

Let’s address these one-by-one, shall we?

“It’s too revealing.”

The bikini is great and it really compliments Suhana. She looks confident and happy in the picture, which is probably why she posted it in the first place. Her hair’s flowing in the wind and she has her shades on, it’s great!

If everything was the same and she was wearing a kurta or anything that ‘covered her’, people wouldn’t be wondering why she’s wearing what she is because God forbid a woman embraces her body and curves with confidence.

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Comments on someone’s social media posts make you wonder if we’ve really progressed in the last few years. People didn’t fight for equality and against discrimination to be told on social media ‘you really should cover up, dear’. No, dear.

And the fact that some of these people call an 18-year-old a slut is alarming. You can’t just pick up any derogatory word off of the dictionary and throw it at people, assuming there will be no consequences. People need to realize that someone’s way of dressing is a self-expression, not an invitation to those around them to talk abusively.

“You’re a Muslim.”

Another type of comment on Suhana’s post is about her religion. I find it rather funny how every debate on social media leads its way to it. There is no reason for anyone to point out someone’s religion but there’s always one comment that sparks off an entirely different tangent. One minute it’s about how revealing the bikini is and the next it’s about how she’s insulting Islam and the next it’s about which religion is superior.

It doesn’t matter whether or not the person in question follows their religion but everyone in the comments has to question it. ‘How can you wear a bikini if you’re Muslim?’ Religion as a concept evolves and the learnings need to be adapted according to the situation. Why does one remember their religious teachings only when convenient or when one has to put down another?

Islam and Suhana Khan’s bikini have no direct connection. Also, just because she happens to be Muslim does not mean she has to showcase that, at all times. Religion is a part of our identity, it isn’t our sole identity. You can be a Hindu and still like beef or you can be a Christian and not go to Church on Sundays. The same way, Suhana can be a Muslim and wear a bikini.

“You’re defaming your father.”

I also noticed a good number of people have commented or insinuated that Shah Rukh Khan has ‘no control’ over his daughter. Now, we’re talking about an actor’s parenting skills in the comments section of a photo his daughter posted. We have no idea what goes on in their families, so we have no idea how or what the Khans teach their children. For all we know, they can be the best parents or the worst.

Also, implying Shah Rukh Khan should ‘control’ his daughter is extremely regressive. Just because he happens to be an important male figure of the family, people immediately assume that the women of the household have to be under his command at all times. Just because he’s her father does not mean he can control her. Guide her, yes. Help her make right decisions, yes. But he shouldn’t enforce enforce his views or opinions on his daughter.

A lot of people comment on the fact that Shahrukh Khan isn’t a good father because Suhana wore a bikini. His responsibility as her parent is to teach her right from wrong, how to be brave enough to stick by her decisions and teach her how to take life’s lessons with grace. His parenting ability does not lie in the clothes she chooses to wear.

“You’re Indian, not Western.”

She’s near a pool, she’s clearly about to or has gone swimming or is probably getting a tan or is just simply relaxing. What do the commenters expect her to wear? She’s not going to wear a saree or an anaarkali to swim now, is she?

Bikinis are a two-piece swimsuit. And perhaps, they originated in America but that does not mean clothing can’t transcend boundaries. She is still Indian even if she wears a bikini.

Bottom-line is, Suhana Khan is an individual, her own person with her own sense of style. If she decides to post a picture of herself in a bikini or a school uniform, it is her wish. It’s a shame that people still think it is okay to tell someone how to dress to seem more socially acceptable. As people who don’t know her or her family, we have no reason to shame her choices, her body, her parents and how they chose to raise her.

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