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A tall, curly haired and awkward girl who has a strong inside voice. Love dogs, food and absolutely anything that can keep me stimulated. A pretty chill person, usually. I'm better at written words than I am at speaking my mind, verbally.

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Is Sex Education Still A Myth In Indian Educational Institutions?

Are educational institutions in India still in the last century as far as talking about safe sex is concerned, or are they doing their bit to educate youngsters about it?

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Dear Society, Women Over 50 Don’t Have To Stop Thinking Of Themselves!

Why are women over 50 assumed to be over their best years and expected to devote themselves to God or grandchildren?

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African woman writers
11 African Women Writers For The Literary Explorer, Leaving You Wanting To Find Out More

African women writers have many enriching and fascinating stories to tell. Through their work, we realise that Africa isn’t just what the world feels it is - it's so much more.

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How Malini Agarwal Blogged Her Way To Becoming Brand MissMalini, ‘Social Media Jedi’

MissMalini a.k.a Malini Agarwal, uncensored, about her journey to being the social media star that she is today, that she has written about in her book, To the Moon – How I Blogged My Way to Bollywood.

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6 Upcoming Female Stand-up Comedians You Should Definitely Look Out For!

Stand-up comedy is a space women these days are gaining popularity in. Here are few upcoming female stand-up comedians in India you need to watch out for.

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famous Indian feminist
12 Famous Indian Feminists Whose Work Has Made Life Better For Ordinary Women

Some women have made a huge difference to the lives of ordinary Indian women by their unending effort. Here are 12 famous Indian feminist.

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12 Indian Sportswomen We’re Rooting For This Asian Games To Bring Medals Home

 With 260 women sportspersons taking part in the Asian Games from India, here are some of the frontrunners we are eagerly hoping to see more medals from! 

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Mamang Dai
Meet Padma Shri Winner Mamang Dai, Poet-Writer Of The NorthEast Who Calls Poetry A Lifeline

Mamang Dai is a strong voice from the North-East, a writer and poet par excellence whose work has the fragrance of her land and people. Meet her at the Bangalore Poetry Festival.

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10 Regressive Things You Must STOP Saying To Your Daughter

Parents, you'd better get with the times and stop telling some absolutely 18th century things to your daughter - times have changed, and these are ridiculous!

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Bihar’s House Of Horror: What A Shelter Home In India Turned Into

The recent appalling news of a Bihar shelter for girls being a horror home where the girls were raped and abused is not an isolated case.

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Beating Up The Enemy Has Always Been ‘Manly’. The WhatsApp Lynchings Are No Aberration

Our heroes beat up their enemies, and we applaud these ‘macho’ vigilantes. Why should the Whatsapp fuelled violence in our ‘real lives’ be surprising?

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Kerala Actor Mamta Mohandas Thinks “If A Woman Gets Into Trouble…She Is Responsible For It.”

These recent shameful comments of Malayali Actor Mamta Mohandas illustrate how deeply we women have bought into patriarchal norms of women 'provoking' men into assaulting them.

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Help These Kickass Science Writers Create Our Very Own Mighty Girls Book

These two enterprising science writers, Aashima Dogra and Nandita Jayaraj, the 'Labhoppers' are now bringing out two books we cannot wait to read - on our very own women scientists in India.

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Suhana Khan Wears A Bikini And Plenty Of Folks Go Crazy

It’s funny how even though the year is 2018, some of us still have the mindset of the year 1820. Suhana Khan wearing a bikini is still a problem.

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Don’t Hit Forward! Is Your Mindless Whatsapp Killing Innocent People?

Recently, there have been a series of horrifying lynchings spurred by fake Whatsapp forwards. How do we combat this murderous epidemic?

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horse riding
I Was Told: “Horse Riding Isn’t A Sport For Girls”, But Here I Am, Grabbing Life By The Reins!

Horse riding is a lovely sport, and I have been lucky to get the opportunity to learn. I love it when I'm on horseback - here's my journey!

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“Haters Gonna Hate, You Do YOU!”: What Mom Told Me About My ‘Brown’-ing Glory

As a kid, my skin tone was either treated like it was the only thing that defined me or that it didn’t exist. I was told “Oh, no. You’re not dark-skinned.”

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