On Diwali Day A Rapist Contacted Me For Medical Advice After Raping A 10 y.o.

On Diwali day, a patient contacted me online to ask if ejaculating on a virgin girl's vagina could make her pregnant. When I came to know the girl was a 10 y.o. child, I decided to report him.

On Diwali day, a patient contacted me online to ask if ejaculating on a virgin girl’s vagina could make her pregnant. When I came to know the girl was a 10 y.o. child, I decided to report him.

I was up and about early Diwali morning. I stepped over the dogs, made coffee and braced myself in preparation for a long day. Had to clean the house, bathe the dogs, then make mithai for pooja… the list seemed endless.

I sat with a cup of ridiculously strong black coffee.

Beep beep beep

A consultation came on my phone. An online consultation which would in time shake me to the core.

It was from a 34yr old male who claimed he had ejaculated on the vagina of a virgin girl. He wanted to know if pregnancy was a possibility and if so how to avoid it.

I asked him the age of the girl.

10yrs, he said.

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You are a rapist and will go to jail, I told him.

I cancelled his consultation. I took a screenshot of the conversation.


Once my hands were a bit less shaky, once my head wasn’t reeling, once I was crying a little less, I spoke to my friend Anushree K . She banded together a group of people and with their guidance I registered a formal complaint against this patient. However I didn’t have access to his details. So I turned to Practo.

Meanwhile I spoke to a Noida based lawyer, Avani Bansal. She suggested we wait for the information, and then go to the patient’s location and lodge a police complaint.

I emailed the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) which is a statutory body under the Commissions for Protection of Child Rights (CPCR) Act, 2005, under the administrative control of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India.

I registered a complaint with the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) e-box. This enables easy reporting and timely action against the offenders under the POSCO act 2012, Jul 17, 2018.

I tweeted to The Prime Minister, Madam Sushma Swaraj and Madam Kiran Bedi. I put my number online as I couldn’t DM them. I gave a small statement of what I needed help with. They were the only ones I thought could and WOULD help. I spent my Diwali waiting for them. My heart breaking into a million little pieces as I watched them posting tweets about Diwali etc. on twitter but not bothering to help a real little form of Lakshmiji.

I wrote about it all on Facebook, making it public.

This man’s offence is punishable by law. This is the first such case I have come across because this man is a combination of stupid and evil, and this provides us with a unique opportunity to bring him to light, and provide a punishment which will be a deterrent to others like him.


This cannot go on. We cannot let our children be harmed. We cannot let them be raped or abused. We cannot stand by and watch it happen. We can neither turn a blind eye to such incidents nor can we let others do so.

We cannot do NOTHING. We have done NOTHING long enough. 

You may have daughters, nieces, cousins, sisters… you most likely have had such an experience yourself. Do not let this continue. We need to scare the crap out of such perpetrators.

It is time. To take a stand. Because any and all form of abuse has to be called out. No abuser will admit to their mistakes. They will think nothing of what they have done, the damage they have caused. They just want to feel powerful.


This cannot continue.

These incidents are so commonplace now people accept them as part of a normal world and just shake their head or nod. They happen with girls and boys both. They occur despite close watches kept by parents over their kids.

As a kid you don’t often realise what the hell is going on. You are scared to tell anyone. You are confused. Most often this occurs at the hands of trusted family friends or close relatives. You are scared by them, of them… you are scared to get a scolding. As a kid a scolding or a head shaking in disbelief in such a situation is one of the most hurtful things that can happen. We have to be even more vigilant.

If my Diwali was so unhappy at the thought of this little girl… I don’t know what hers must have been like. Did she enjoy any mithai? Did her heart burst for joy at the sight of a firecracker? Did she light a lot of diyas?

I doubt it. How can you enjoy anything when your innocence has been ruthlessly snatched from you?

Update: (12th November 2018)

The perpetrator has been tracked down according to the latest report from the Ministry of Women And Child Development. You can see it here.

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