Great Things About Being A Dimwit

Does morality and self-respect proceed from virginity? A ridiculous article on "great things about being a virgin woman"

In an article in the TOI today, there is a piece on, “Great things about being a virgin woman“. Note, not just a virgin, but a virgin woman. I have no objections to virginity – your body, your wish, but I do have serious objections to dimwits. Hence this post.

The great thing about being a dimwit is that you can write perfectly ridiculous articles that other bloggers can poke fun at. For instance, you could say, “According to Oxford dictionary, a virgin is typically a woman, who has never had sexual intercourse.” Huh. I for one am curious to know how the Oxford dictionary came to the conclusion that a virgin is ‘typically’ a woman. How about men who have never had sexual intercourse? Is there a separate classification for them that the dictionary has chosen to allot?

Then, you could say that virgins never need to worry about getting pregnant or about STDs. Of course, if one is married, one can have all the sex one wants and never worry about getting pregnant or getting infected, right? Clearly, it is ‘marriage’ that is the all-powerful protection against pregnancy, and not contraceptives as some of us have all along been thinking.

You could then dimwittedly point out that sans sex, there is no trauma in ending a relationship. Because, you know, if you haven’t slept with a man yet, the emotional bits in your brain rot and you don’t feel anything else whatsoever – so obviously, you can go through them at the rate of one man a day.

Another great argument – your man will be so proud of you (besides being “more sexually excited”). What if a girlfriend were to turnaround and ask this man about his virginity status? Oh c’mon, haven’t you heard that the oxford dictionary defines a virgin as ‘typically a woman’?

And finally, being a dimwit means you can come up with an amazing conclusion like virgins are the sanest people on earth, have morals and respect themselves. Some of us are under the impression that self-respect depended on the state of your mind, and not your vagina, but hey, what do we know?


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