Great Things About Being A Dimwit

Posted: May 18, 2012

In an article in the TOI today, there is a piece on, “Great things about being a virgin woman“. Note, not just a virgin, but a virgin woman. I have no objections to virginity – your body, your wish, but I do have serious objections to dimwits. Hence this post.

The great thing about being a dimwit is that you can write perfectly ridiculous articles that other bloggers can poke fun at. For instance, you could say, “According to Oxford dictionary, a virgin is typically a woman, who has never had sexual intercourse.” Huh. I for one am curious to know how the Oxford dictionary came to the conclusion that a virgin is ‘typically’ a woman. How about men who have never had sexual intercourse? Is there a separate classification for them that the dictionary has chosen to allot?

Then, you could say that virgins never need to worry about getting pregnant or about STDs. Of course, if one is married, one can have all the sex one wants and never worry about getting pregnant or getting infected, right? Clearly, it is ‘marriage’ that is the all-powerful protection against pregnancy, and not contraceptives as some of us have all along been thinking.

You could then dimwittedly point out that sans sex, there is no trauma in ending a relationship. Because, you know, if you haven’t slept with a man yet, the emotional bits in your brain rot and you don’t feel anything else whatsoever – so obviously, you can go through them at the rate of one man a day.

Another great argument – your man will be so proud of you (besides being “more sexually excited”). What if a girlfriend were to turnaround and ask this man about his virginity status? Oh c’mon, haven’t you heard that the oxford dictionary defines a virgin as ‘typically a woman’?

And finally, being a dimwit means you can come up with an amazing conclusion like virgins are the sanest people on earth, have morals and respect themselves. Some of us are under the impression that self-respect depended on the state of your mind, and not your vagina, but hey, what do we know?

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  1. I read that article in The Times of India and was appalled by the reporting standards. The last argument of why it’s ‘great’ to be a virgin says something to the effect of ‘you’re a pure angel’. I deleted the TOI app on my phone and pledged never to read it again. And this is the most widely read newspaper in our country.

  2. saracsm at its best.

  3. i like how virginity can be “lost” like..oops..i lost it while i was on the metro.. that someone wrote this is not surprising – maybe a bit like taking a time travel expedition to 1887 but not surprising. what was surprising is that in the year 2012, a leading newspaper daily allowed such misinformed moralistic crap to appear under its name. also, i would as this “genius” Biben Laikhuram – where do rape victims fall in your bent view?

  4. My term for them is half-wits. But I am not complaining about dimwits either. What a lovely read. Thank you.

  5. Obviously, Biben Laikhuram can’t get any.

  6. God!

    I had to double check my laptop’s calendar, lest I had suddenly time travelled or something!

    Are we living in 2012 or 1612? And did the TOI Editor guy went off to sleep before sending it to be posted / printed?

    Was just wondering, I would really really really like to know the reactions and thoughts of this author’s Mom, Sister, Wife (if married) and Daughter (if he is a lucky father) on this article.

    TOI, you are banned from doorstep. By the way, what a sure-shot way to loose subscriptions.

  7. I just can’t understand how this was allowed to be published. Loved your response – since these articles are being read by so many, it’s good that there are responses. I have TOI app on my phone, maybe I should uninstall it too.

    • Anil Singhal -

      IHM, uninstalling will not solve the problem If you read more articles by the same author you will know how crudely the others are written to. TOI, is I believe worse than a tabloid.

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  9. I think Biben Laikhuram’s writing as a whole is misogynistic.

    His article (below) claims that women do not bathe and eat a “hell lot”.

    Actually, such articles do not surprise me. I have suspected for a long time that most Indian men have a deep-seated fear and dislike of women.

    I suspect that the vast majority of Indian men do not view women as human at all but as vengeful temptresses who need to be controlled, debased and shown their place.

    The comment sections for such articles are full of the most virulent misogyny. The Internet allows the ordinary Indian man to vent all the pent up rage and hate he feels towards the female gender.

    I wonder why? Probably our patriarchal society trains men to view women with disrespect and contempt.

  10. I jst did a little google search on this Laikhuram guy and one link led me to his facebook page. His demented state extends to his facebook page also where he has shared video links of ‘touch a 1000 boobs’ and disgusting things of the sort.

    Another nail in the coffin of responsible journalism/journalists!

  11. Thanks all for your comments. It now looks like the page has been removed – so one could presume that readers’ reactions had an impact?

    @Shivya & @Durba – indeed, he seems to have some strange view of virginity as a precious object that can be accidentally “lost” – although, not so strange perhaps, given how most people are indoctrinated.

    @IHM/@Anil/@Preeti/@Sambi – yes, other writings by the same author are equally puerile, and what is astonishing is that he is listed as a “reporter” – and of course, the double standards; it’s ok for him to be a “playa” and touch a 1000 boobs and whatnot but god forbid, any woman should want to get some!

    @Nina @Bhumika – thank you!

    @N – LOL. I really burst out laughing when I read that succinct piece of commentary.

    @Saumya – that’s the thing – I am not really sure it is gender related. Probably many women hold these views too.

  12. I couldn’t find the the article.. I guess TOI retracted it…

    First of all it is a great piece

    Though I m not a sexist myself but I find women empowering as a political propaganda…but writing such an derogatory article via a platform of such a grand media house is shameful…

    Now answer to the questions..

    How about men who have never had sexual intercourse? Is there a separate classification for them that the dictionary has chosen to allot?

    I don’ think there is any classification… as in my opinion.. men are virgin all the time.. at least that they say and pretend every time they get in bed with someone…until they get married …get the tag of married man … LOL

    @Virgins are the sanest people on earth, have morals and respect themselves

    I guess the writer of that TOI post is a virgin too.. it is kind of his/her frustration talking…I normally dismiss such articles there and then only… kind of waste of valuable time…

  13. What a pre-mediveal article. TOI should be more responsible while even trying to publish crap of this kind. This however highlights the fact that even TOI is not infalliable.

  14. Didn’t read the article, but clearly, I haven’t missed anything. Loved the no mincing words attitude of your post – Slam Dunk!

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  16. Could not read the article. probably retracted by TOI. But I think the newspaper is bound to lose subscriptions if it continues to publish such crap.

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