Why Shweta Tiwary Quit A Comfortable Job To Start Chungi

Posted: December 24, 2015

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Why do entrepreneurs quit comfortable jobs, and take the risk of doing something new, something that may even seem like a gamble? Entrepreneur Shweta Tiwary of Chungi shares her inspiration.

Shweta Tiwary had a comfortable, interesting, well-paying job as an Art Director. Yet, every time she visited her home town, she felt unsettled on seeing the plight of artisans and craftspeople – especially women who hailed from communities that were traditionally rich in such skills, but had little access to modern markets and paying consumers.

Every business owner needs that little jolt which sets her on the path to entrepreneurship, and in Shweta’s case, it was the realisation that she could not continue with her current role if she was serious about doing anything with art and artisans.

Besides, as an Art Director, she had a natural as well as trained eye for what would really help traditional art go to a wider market in the form of usable products.

And so was born – Chungi, an online store that would bring these products to users.

The store has a range of interesting product, all based on Indian crafts, especially in the home decor and apparel space. As this market is heating up with a number of new entrants, besides the big daddies of the e-commerce space, it will definitely be interesting to watch how each business goes about grabbing a slice of the pie for itself.

As for those of us who live Indian art and handicrafts, we can only be delighted at the wider choices opening up to us!

Watch Shweta Tiwary’s short interview with Women’s Web below, where she talks about her inspiration to turn entrepreneur.

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