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Reader’s Choice: The 12 Most Popular Women’s Web Reads In 2014

Posted: December 23, 2014

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Bringing you here a round-up of the post popular Women’s Web posts of 2014, the blockbusters that readers around the world loved, shared and debated about.

As 2014 comes to a close, we’ve had a wonderful year of bringing you engaging, enriching, entertaining reads here at Women’s Web. We published almost a 1000 posts on subjects as varied as Work, Parenting, Social Issues, Women’s Rights,  Books, Health & Leisure activities, accomplished a complete site revamp including a mobile-ready site, got a whole new accomplished bunch of writers to sign up as authors here…in short, had a blessed year, although with its fair share of challenges.

I thought it would be great to wind up the year with a list of the 10 most popular reads published this year on Women’s Web. You’ve possibly come across some of them before, but you may have missed a few as well. So, here is our ‘Blockbuster’ list for you to read, share and enjoy!

  • Slut? Who, Me?

  • Why we must stop asking, ‘When is the Good News?’

  • The untold tale of Soorpanakha

  • Convenient Equality: Dowry by another name

  • Guess What? Women enjoy Sex too!

  • Are women loved for all the wrong reasons?

  • Which side are you on? 9 questions every woman must ask herself

  • Delhi says, Welcome back to street harassment

  • Only, Not Lonely: Raising a child without siblings

  • Should I be a working mother?

  • 6 messages to give your strong, beautiful daughter

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    Wish you a joyous festive season, and I do hope you’ll stay tuned for all the interesting stuff we have coming up for you in 2015.


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