Best Of Women’s Web – Editor’s Pick For Oct 2012

Does being a woman impact your life? If you think it makes no difference, read some of the best from Women's Web this month - you'll rethink!


While we’ve had a range of articles this month (as always), covering many things from a reading drive for underprivileged girls to stories on women in unusual occupations, some of my favourite pieces have been about how gender impacts our lives – in ways big and small.

Often, we think that being women has not impacted us too much – especially those of us who come from ‘progressive’ families, are highly educated and are earning independently. But is it that simple? Some of the pieces I especially liked, focus on subtler aspects of sexism that don’t strike us until someone else points it out, and then we go, Aha!

Read on to see what my favourite pieces from Women’s Web were for this month.

pink crazeDid you know that pink is not just about being all pretty and ‘girly’, that pink products actually cost more for no reason, and that we women end up paying those increased prices? I certainly didn’t! Shweta GK’s piece on the price of pink products for women was an eye-opener.

Why did Sridevi in English Vinglish have to look 20 years younger than her real age? While the movie has deservedly won praise for its portrayed of an unappreciated homemaker, Sangeeta looks at the question of women and ageing.

Can an Indian daughter truly mourn her mother’s passing? Madhu Arora’s experience of being excluded from her mother’s funeral rites was heart-breaking, and an illustration of how gender inequality persists at every stage.

Be loud, Be selfish. Unmana lists the 7 sins every woman at work should commit. Read it to understand how all of us need to drop the conditioning to be ‘good girls.’

And finally, is it useful to buy a health insurance plan built specifically for women? Find out!

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Hope you enjoyed reading Women’s Web this month. We enjoyed bringing it to you, and would love to know what your favourite reads were!

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