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Women & Entrepreneurship In India

Posted: June 12, 2012

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Did you read this recent post on Forbes, Entrepreneurship is the new women’s movement? It does appear that way. Even in India, everyone knows someone who’s quitting her job and starting a business – everyone has a friend, a sister, a daughter who is turning entrepreneur.

Which is why, we’re so curious about this phenomenon. What is driving large numbers of women to start their own businesses? How big do women want their businesses to grow? What challenges are they facing? What help do they draw upon?

These and other questions are what we seek to answer via the Women’s Web Women & Entrepreneurship 2012 Survey. If you are a woman running a business in India, please do take the survey and also share it with all the other female entrepreneurs you know.

If you’re not an entrepreneur (or not a woman), you could still help us by passing on the survey link (http://goo.gl/fNdmE) to others. The data is going to be freely shared on the site, so it will be a great resource for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in the making, mentors, advisors, and anyone who writes about entrepreneurship or works with entrepreneurs in some way.

Other ways in which you could spread the word:

– Share it on your FB or Twitter or LinkedIN or other such channels

– Blog about it or place a link on your blog so your readers can take the survey too

We hope to have a good number of people taking the survey so we have robust results, of relevance in the Indian context – do help us out in any way you can! Once again, here is the link: Women & Entrepreneurship in India.

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