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People Like Us Don’t Do Gender Selection

Posted: June 4, 2012

People like us – educated, middle-class/affluent, urban, English-speaking people like us don’t do gender selection. We are not the ones who choose to abort on knowing that a foetus is female. Or so we like to think. Some of the comments in Sunil’s recent piece on whether we need Aamir Khan to educate us on this evil, also gave me the impression that somewhere in our hearts, we think the programme is meant for those unaware, uneducated masses and not for people like us.

Well, here I give you a page from a popular women’s portal, ostensibly written by and for people like us.

Do I need to say anymore?

Founder & Chief Editor of Women's Web, Aparna believes in the power of ideas

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  1. Thanks Aparna! We are among the guilty lot and we know it; its easy to deflect the guilt elsewhere. I have written a rejoinder to some of the comments on the Aamir Khan post of mine, and am sending it across right away.

  2. Oh, one more thing, whoever has published the article above needs to be punished. I hope NCW and such others take notice.

  3. hi Aparna,
    I m 29 yrs, 2 months married gal and now undecidedly, bymistake i had 5 weeks of baby in my womb so i consulted to the gynaecologist she gave me M-PROST 200mg the full course of abortion but still i feel pain in my abdomine and tiredness is the abortion completed or not and also let me know generaly howmany days does it taked to complete the abortion get recovered, i m so afraid and worried pls help me out

    waiting for ur reply…

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