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Shreya Das

Shreya Das

I am a wild life photographer by profession and a writer by hobby. Well not really but it sounds better than saying I was a corporate slave trapped behind her desk full day long. My other qualities include my impressive conversationalist skills. In plain language – I can talk. I can really talk; I could talk non – stop from my first waking moment till the time my eyes shut. Unfortunately I lack good listeners. There is a serious lack of people who would listen to my incessant rambling, I mean intellectual pearls of wisdom. Hence, I write.

Voice of Shreya Das

Do Not Let The Trauma Of Divorce Destroy You. 6 Things You Can Do To Start Living Again!
trauma of divorce

The trauma of divorce can shatter your world and your sense of self. How do you cope with this, and how do you start living again?

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Guys, Don’t Ask These 6 Moronic Questions To A Prospective Bride, Or You’ll Be Immediately Rejected!
questions by prospective groom

I was asked these questions by prospective grooms - and of course, I rejected them. Crazy that such expectations are there from women even today!

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6 Solid Reasons Why I Recommend Going On Vacation With Girlfriends Every Year! Yes, Thank Me Later!
vacation with girlfriends

Want to reconnect with the person you are and not just the daughter-in-law/wife/mother/employee you are expected to be? Go on a vacation with girlfriends.

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Women Are Always Exploited In The Name Of Religion. The Ram Rahim Case Is Just The Latest Instance
Ram Rahim case

Devdasis. Sati. Child marriages. Menstrual Taboos. All examples of religious exploitation of women. The Ram Rahim case is the latest symptom of this disease that must be eradicated.

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Why Being A Stepmother Can Be The Most Difficult Role In The World

The evil stepmother of fairy tales is just that - mostly a myth. Women trying to bond with children from an earlier marriage can be just ordinary moms!

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A Young Friend Is In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship And I Have No Idea How To Help
abusive relationship

I have a young friend who is currently in an abusive relationship. This is not a physical abuse case but an equally damaging and hurtful one – emotional abuse.

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Let Children Have Their Wonder Years – Skip This Obsession With Looks!
obsession with looks

The obsession with looks and fashion that today's teens and even younger children have as a result of media exposure is a sad trend, taking away their carefree childhood.

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I Lost My Mother To Cancer Recently. She Was A Strong Woman, And This Is Her Story
tribute to a mother

Every woman has a story, and often ordinary women have extraordinary stories of strength. A personal tribute to a mother by this author.

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What Is Harassment? Here’s How Sexual Harassment Happens In Corporate India
Cropped man and woman using electronic device free image

What is harassment? Sexual harassment in the workplace is not just about physical contact; suggestive words and bullying are harassment too.

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What The Gurmehar Kaur Episode Shows: Women Are favourite Targets For Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying has reared its ugly head again as young student Gurmehar Kaur was made a target for vitriolic attacks on social media channels. It reveals the ugliness to which young women with opinions are subjected.

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How Many More ‘Incidents’ Will It Take For Women’s Safety To Be Taken Seriously?

Regardless of which party is in power, women's safety and right to go out freely continues to be very low priority for all governments in India. When will this change?

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No Accommodation Available For A Single Woman In A ‘Cosmopolitan’ City. Why? Discrimination!

A single woman is discriminated against even in a liberal and cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, as she is seen to be deviating from societal norms.

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Moana – The New Age Heroine We Could Learn From

I am a hopeless animation movie addict. Hence, when Moana released I had to ensure I caught it, and I was not disappointed!

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A New Ad Series Shows Us Why An Everyday Stress Relieving Zone Is Essential

Stress relieving is not about an occasional vacation to get away from everything. Stress – and its antidotes – are in the here and now. I am a TV remote nazi and as soon as ads start running in between my favorite series, I begin channel surfing. However, a few days back a new and […]

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8 Beautiful Life Lessons From Dear Zindagi – So Simple, Yet They Matter!

These simple life lessons from Dear Zindagi have touched a chord with many, even though it has been criticised for not being realistic about therapy.

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Why Typecast A Woman Because Of What She Wears Or How She Chooses To Live Her Life?
broken dreams

When a woman says NO, she means NO, even if she might seem fair game to those who think she should subscribe to society's idea of propriety to be respected!

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Why My Female Boss Made Meryl Streep’s Character In The Devil Wears Prada Look Like An Angel
woman boss 3

Does a female boss really mean trouble? Or is it a combination of society's perceptions of women at the top and the need to make things work that make them so?

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Why Avoid Therapy For Depression, When It Could Save A Life?
Sad woman 1

Why is it that we seek to avoid therapy for depression and want to hide it instead? Is avoiding the stigma worth your life?

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Loved The Da Da Ding Video? This New Takeoff Pays Tribute To Our Rural Sisters
Da Da Ding

Loved the Da Da Ding video? The new 'Da Da Ding: The other women' video is equally empowering and focuses on the really hardworking women of rural India.

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Serials Like ‘Dr. Bhanumati on Duty’ Are Sexist And Unfortunately, Not Funny Either
Dr.Bhanumathy On Duty

Many serials like 'Dr.Bhanumati On Duty' are in reality sexist in nature and need to be taken off air. Read to know what this serial is all about.

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Shahrukh Khan Captures Everyone’s Heart With His Inspirational Poem, ‘You Fight Like A Girl’
Shah Rukh

Shahrukh Khan's poem - 'You fight like a girl' is making waves. Read to know the message he sends across to every woman through his poetry.

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Five Bollywood Movies That Took A Stand Against Honour Killing In India
Honour Killing

Honour killing in India and the the larger Indian subcontinent rears its ugly head every now and then. A look at movies that revolved around it.

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5 Bollywood Movies That Are All About Indian Women In Sports. Watch!
Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood has played a small role in promoting Indian women in sports through movies and can do so much more! Here's a good list to check out.

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Why Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Strikes A Chord With Women
Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

The TV Series Sarabha Vs Sarabhai may return. What caused friction between the mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law duo?

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Ten Explosive Kangana Ranaut Quotes You Can’t Help But Admire
Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood Actor Kangana Ranaut is known for her bold and fiery statements. Here are ten Kangana Ranaut quotes that caught the public's eye. Read on.

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Soha Ali Khan Trolled Because, OMG, How Dare Female Actors Have An Opinion?

Female Actor Soha Ali Khan was trolled on twitter for tweeting on Raghuram Rajan's exit. Why are Female actors perceived as being less intellectual? 

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These Insensitive Comments On Rape By Multiple Celebs Tell Us, Salman Is In August Company

Celebrities who made insensitive comments on rape and rape victims faced the ire of media and fans alike. Below is a list of some of them. 

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Ten Life Lessons I Learnt From The Game Of Thrones
Game of thrones

TV series, ‘Game of Thrones’, has a cult following. With diverse  characters, each having their own story running, the series is  intriguing and engaging.

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What Is It That Makes Marriage So Fragile Among Bollywood couples?
Hrithik Roshan with Suzanne khan

Last year saw a spate of divorces amongst the high powered bollywood couples. Listed below are some of the prime reasons. 

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Female Actors Whose Popularity Declined After Tying The Knot
Madhuri Dixit

Popularity of female actors takes a decline after marriage. Below are the names of some famous female actors who struggled to make a comeback.  The newspapers have recently been filled with the details of the weddings of two Bollywood beauties. The pretty Priety Zinta tied the knot with her foreign boyfriend, whereas the Bengali bombshell, […]

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When Will Men Understand That Women Relaxing At A Pub By Themselves Are Not Fair Game?
woman having a drink alone

Women unaccompanied by men at certain places are considered fair game, without the right to be taken seriously when they say no. My experience of this.

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Censor Board Says No To Udta Punjab But Yes To Every Movie That Demeans Women
movies that demean women

While the censor board slashes half of Udta Punjab, how do movies that demean women face no trouble at all?

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Marriage Is A Partnership, Not A Control Game
control issues in marriage

Control issues in marriage are because of mistrust and insecurity, and society's belief that it is OK for her husband to want to control her.

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How Many More Lives Will It Take Before There Is Justice? #JusticeForJisha
please stop violence against women

Once again there has been a horrific rape and murder incident that has rocked social media. When will there be justice and when will it all stop?

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Why Are We, The ‘Modern’ Society Still Plagued By Dowry, An Archaic Tradition?

Dowry in India is illegal. Yet, it seems to be everywhere. Can we, the supposedly 'modern' lot, ever hope to eradicate this evil? Since childhood we have le

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Failed Relationships – The New Killer
sad woman

We are often defined by our relationships, but should a failed relationship become a cause for death? 

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Tinseltown – Where Dreams Are Soon Broken To Become Pipe Dreams
broken dreams

Behind every big movie star is a whole army of hopefuls, with only their broken dreams and the reality that forces them to make hard choices.

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The Modern Indian Woman Does Not Need To Live By Conventional Norms To Be Happy
modern Indian woman

Is following the traditional social rules the only way to a happy life? A modern Indian woman does not need to.

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These Stories Of 3 Ordinary Women Who Faced Life With Courage Will Inspire You
courage woman

No matter what life throws at you, facing it with courage can turn your life around. Here are the stories of 3 such inspirational ordinary women.

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Mumbai. How And When Did My City Become Unsafe?
Mumbai crowds

Mumbai has long been a 'safe' city, especially for women. "How and when did my city become unsafe?" The writer muses.

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Happily Ever After? Who Decides?
broken relationship

Many women still persist living in broken relationships, following society's dictum of get married, stay married, instead of breaking out to find their happiness. Why, asks the writer.

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How I Almost Got Married At A Young Age [Short Story]
friends dancing at a party

This is a story of how I almost got married at the tender age, but missed my chance due to Pepsi and Karan Johar.

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