Guys, Don’t Ask These 6 Moronic Questions To A Prospective Bride, Or You’ll Be Immediately Rejected!

I was asked these questions by prospective grooms - and of course, I rejected them. Crazy that such expectations are there from women even today!

I was asked these questions by prospective grooms – and of course, I rejected them. Crazy that such expectations are there from women even today!

Before I met the man of my dreams and settled in blissful matrimony, I went down the arranged marriage route in search of a mate.

Most of the time the proposals I rejected were not based on looks, career or life prospects but on complete lack of thinking and tact at their end. The questions thrown at me used to make me cringe. I will admit that some of these are essential questions; however, usually it was not what was asked but the way it was asked and the intent behind it.

Below I am listing down a few of these questions. I am sure most of women will identify with being asked such questions! Also sharing the answers that used to come into my mind –

Do you know how to cook?

“Why, are you looking for a wife or master chef? Yes, I know how to cook because it is a skill necessary to survive.”

This one is the most common and my favorite. Usually the question means, will the girl cook all meals, day after day, year after year while also continuing her career and generally be a super woman? Because sadly in most houses, it is taken for granted that all house work will be done by the wife.

Cooking is a skill that each one of us should have – man or woman. And this question should ideally be asked by both parties.

Will you continue to work after marriage?

“No, and I think you should also quit and we both will survive on our parent’s money.”

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I could never understand the interdependency of marriage and work. Will the boy stop working after marriage? Marriage is about love, partnership and commitment. It is not related to your day job which by the way will (should) pay for all the expenses of the wedding. Then why should a girl give up on her careers or dreams just because she is getting married?

Did you have a relationship before?

“Yes, because I am a girl capable of normal human emotions and must have met someone who captured my interest. However, since I am currently sitting here, it means that it didn’t work out.”

This one always put my teeth on edge. It is an extremely personal question and if it needs to be asked, it should definitely not be in the first meeting.

Do you drink?

“What, water? Doesn’t everyone? Ok alcohol, yes I do and don’t you?”

Usually the drinking/ smoking questions are to check on the character of the girl. Because, if she drinks then she is obviously of loose morals. Drinking is a personal choice. Yes, it has implications on health if done in excess, and yes it is an essential question that both the parties should ask. But if someone is an alcoholic, will they admit it? Once again, a question that should be reserved for more familiarity.

When do you want to have kids?

“Dude, we just met!”

I do not understand the mentality in which as soon as you get married you do your bit for the society and start reproducing.

Kids bring great joy to the parents. But, when you have an arranged marriage, you know so little about each other. You need time to explore each other, find similar likes/ dislikes and discover the person completely. Only if you are comfortable with each other will you be able to do justice to another human being that you bring in this world.

Do you like to sing/ dance/ paint?

“Do I look like a cultural fest to you?”

There is a simpler way to do this. Just ask what my hobbies are.

As I said, some of the questions need to be asked but the how, when and where of it matter. In the end if the answers help the boy decide, then the questions help the girl make her decision.

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