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Moana – The New Age Heroine We Could Learn From

I am a hopeless animation movie addict. Hence, when Moana released I had to ensure I caught it, and I was not disappointed!

I am a hopeless animation movie addict. Hence, when Moana released I had to ensure I caught it, and I was not disappointed!

The movie is a visual treat. It has a lovely story and an underlying message. But what was more engrossing was the fact that the female protagonist Moana is a complete new age heroine. She is someone we could all learn from. This is why.

She is the saviour

Moana is the saviour and not any wilting heroine who needs to be saved. She sees a problem and literally crosses an ocean to solve it and save the world. A lesson for all us, we can all choose to be our own saviours. We do not need to wait for any hero to show up.

She knows how to handle egomaniacs

Most of us deal with lion sized male egos either at work or at home. Moana teaches us how to turn this into an opportunity and use these egos to further our own cause.

She is excited about the unknown

At times, we let go of many opportunities fearing the unknown. It is safer to be in a known environment, even if we are not completely happy with the current situation. But Moana teaches us to tread unknown waters, to look for our purpose and to not stop till we find it.

She is brave

It takes courage to cross an ocean with only a zoned out chicken for company, to jump into the lair of monsters and to fight with a fire spewing demon. But our girl does all this and more without batting those lovely lashes of hers.

In life we all battle our own demons. At times, we let the demon win by succumbing to self-doubt and lack of confidence. Let’s also take the bull by the horn and battle it out till the end.

Women can sail

Moana proves that not only women can sail but are much better navigators and way finders than men. Hence, by this logic woman can drive as well.

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We are the better halves

Last but not the least, just as Moana appeals to the better judgement of the fallen demi-god, most of us do bring out the better side of our male companions by simply being who we are.

Moana is the anti-thesis of all fairy tale heroines who pretty much where all sunshine and laughter and waited for dragons to be slain for them. Where I still adore Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, I root for Moana. She is my new hero.

Let’s learn from this curly haired beauty and design our own adventure!

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