These Stories Of 3 Ordinary Women Who Faced Life With Courage Will Inspire You

No matter what life throws at you, facing it with courage can turn your life around. Here are the stories of 3 such inspirational ordinary women.

No matter what life throws at you, facing it with courage can turn your life around. Here are the stories of 3 such inspirational ordinary women.

Today I list the stories of three women I have been lucky to know in my life and who are a source of inspiration to me. They have lived their lives with true grit and determination and overcame various stumbling blocks and lived their lives to the fullest.

Seizing her life in her hands

The first lady is a friend of my mom. She was tragically widowed at a young age when her husband succumbed to cancer. With no job and three school going children to fend for, life looked difficult. Living in a small city with its own limitations, at the beginning she was at a loss. The husband’s family had their own personal agenda and did their very best to oust her from the family property. But they had underestimated her.

The first thing she did was finding a job in a government organisation and ensuring her children’s education did not suffer. She then filed a court case to fight for what was rightfully hers and started her life all over again. She won the case after a long legal battle and ensured her own and her children’s future. She was blessed with intelligent and smart kids who saw their mother’s struggle and worked hard to achieve superlative success.

Today all her children are happily married with kids of their own and with brilliant careers. The lady worked till retirement, though she could afford to leave once her kids were settled, and lived alone in her small house. Now she happily shuttles between her children’s homes, each of which has a permanent place for her. She is fluent with latest technologies and apps and has maintained her friends circle. The best part is she always has a smile on her face for she knows that her journey made her a stronger woman and a better person.

Getting out of a abusive marriage

The second is a friend of mine who was unfortunately trapped in a loveless marriage. She tried to make her marriage work but when her partner cheated on her, it was the last straw. Being on the wrong side of 30s did make her think twice but she followed her heart. She also knew that the stigma of a divorce will mar her reputation, however she chose to live her life on her own terms.

She moved out of her marriage into a small PG accommodation and much against her parents wishes started living alone in the city of Mumbai. She found a new job, made new friends and found new interests. Soon her career was soaring and she had a busy social life. She also found love again and got married recently. The lovely pictures of her wedding and honeymoon are testament that she got second time lucky. She beat the odds against her and built a new life.

Rising out of penniless widowhood

The third lady is my house maid. A young girl of 23, she had a lovely, chirpy demeanour when she joined service at my place. My only grudge was her constant need to take leaves. One day I received a message that she will not be able to come for a month and my first reaction was obviously irritation. Then I learned that she had tragically lost her husband who had committed suicide. It was later learnt that he was a maniac depressive but his behaviour had been mistaken by all as moodiness.

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Left alone in the world with a 2 year old daughter she first sank into complete despair. Luckily all the families she worked for rallied around her. We provided money and any other comfort we could and she slowly got back to her feet. She went back to her working routine. To see her bereft of her trademark bangles, anklets and bindi always startled me. Her smile and happiness was also gone. Where we were used to her chatter and laughter, now she moved like a ghost quietly.

However thanks to the support of her family and the love of her daughter she is slowly back to her usual self. She laughs, smiles and is full of her usual exuberance. She still take many offs but I don’t grudge it any more.

Three women, from three different generations, three different strata of society with somewhat similar stories. They not only fought against adverse situation but also emerged victorious. Three truly courageous woman that I respect and adore. I hope their story motivates others, for they prove that no matter what comes your way, you can handle it and have a happy, successful life.

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