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This Matrimonial Ad For A ‘Non-Feminist’ Girl Revealed A Hateful Man Who Issues Rape Threats To Women

With all the Bollywood celebrities marrying people of varied ages, this man from Mysore wants a much younger 'non-feminist' wife too. So he says in a matrimonial ad.   

Why does feminism scare some men so much? This man from Mysore wants a much younger ‘non-feminist’ wife and has even issued rape threats to feminists. 

My Sunday chai is always enjoyed with the matrimonial section of the newspaper. Not because, I am looking for a life partner (crossed that bridge), but because of the unintended humour in them.

The ‘Brides Wanted’ section is always the most funny part and if you read it regularly, you will know that most men in our country want a girl with ‘modern thinking but traditional values’, homely, ‘Gori’, beautiful, slim and talented.

Translation – They want a working woman, who will come back and cook food at home, keep her opinions to herself and will look like she has walked out of a salon this very minute.

However, these ads have become even more ludicrous now. A recent one, which started a discussion on Twitter actually had a criteria that the potential bride should be a ‘non –feminist’. The photo of this ad was put up by a blogger and as expected, the ad gained the right amount of popularity (or notoriety) that it deserved. The comments section was flooded with women questioning the potential bridegroom’s sanity and rightly so.

The ad which is actually pretty hilarious, mentioned that while the man is 37 years old, he wants the woman to be 26 years or less. It’s obvious that he wants to have a young and impressionable wife who he can easily dominate (not that age gap itself is the issue, but the desire for a much younger woman is ominous).

As per the comments section, a woman mailed him on his tongue twister like email ID to let him know how offensive the ad was. Not surprisingly, the response was a violently expressed rape threat (we are not sharing it here given how abusive and graphic the language was). If the ad was not proof enough, this incident confirms that this man has the caveman mentality which makes him think that he has been given a natural weapon between his legs which he should use unabashedly to subjugate women.

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Frankly, I don’t blame him. I blame his upbringing, his education, his society, which over the years has taught him that he is the superior gender. He thinks that he has the right to demand and it’s the duty of women to serve him. He therefore is threatened by a concept like ‘Feminism’ which questions the patriarchal thinking of our society and demands equality in opportunities and prospects. He fears that if he has to share his life with a woman who believes in this equality, then she will prove to him that by no means does his gender make him a more evolved species.

The sad truth is that this person will find a woman who would probably fit his exacting standards and will live out a life of a timid, quiet and non-demanding wife. If they have a girl she will be bought up with the thinking that she has been put on this earth to only serve men and not have any threatening qualities like freedom, strong opinions or the need to fight against the yoke of male tyranny.

If they have a boy, we will see the same ad a few decades later again.

Image Source – Pexels

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