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How About A Special Commission For Men? A BJP MP Wants One As Men Are Being Harassed By Women

They are being wrongly accused of rape and harassment, A National Commission For Men is needed says a BJP lawmaker. Really? Is it so?

They are being wrongly accused of rape and harassment, a National Commission For Men is needed says a BJP lawmaker. Really? Is it so?

According to a recent news report, a BJP lawmaker has suggested having a committee for men which will listen to their grievances and will be an equivalent of National Commission for Women (NCW). The very proposition sounds ridiculous and futile.

Women in our country have been fighting oppression and a deeply entrenched patriarchal thinking for decades. They need the support of such councils. NCW was created to support women who suffer from various issues that plague our gender like sexual crimes, domestic violence and help in empowering them.

However, for men it seems to be a pretty much copy-cat move. This incident is reminiscent of the highly insensitive #notallmen trend. It gained prominence in India at a time when there was a discussion about mass molestation in Bangalore that lead to widespread panic.

Men take a lot of things for granted, especially personal security, but for women everyday is a new struggle. The moment it is found that the baby in the womb has the XX chromosome, her battle begins. First she has to fight to be born, then every step on the way she fights for equal rights and opportunities.

The premise of this idea is that many men are facing false allegations by women which is destroying their lives. This most definitely is true in some case. There are indeed cases where men are wrongly accused of rape or dowry harassment. This is an evil which definitely needs to be quashed. But, is a committee needed for the same?

What is clearly a misuse of laws is being made into a gender based issue. Laws are misused by both men and women and it is their implementation that needs to be corrected.

To combat this issue, the laws can be made less ambiguous and clearer The case investigations should be more thorough and there should be guidelines that define how to deal with such cases. This would be more effective and will help the innocents who have been wrongly trapped. These steps can be taken without forming a committee.

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In no way am I belittling the sufferings of men who have suffered at the hands of women (or other men). But I am suggesting a better way to deal with it. It’s highly doubtful that a committee is needed to handle the issue. And once again, is it not true that even this committee will not be misused?

Let’s have less committees and more action!

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