Gender Equality
The Equality Manifesto In A Patriarchal Society. What’s That, You Ask?

Does patriarchy affect only women? What about men who cannot choose their career because they have to 'earn a living'? Gender does not matter - all suffer, even if women suffer more.

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We’ve Begun To Tell Our Simrans “Jaa Ji Le Apni Zindagi”, But What About Raj?

While empowering our daughters is good, even critical, what about our sons? If gender equal generations are to be future citizens, this is necessary.

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Why We Need To End Segregation Of Boys And Girls In Schools
gender segregation

Making boys sit with girls was always looked at as a punishment. However, with changing times, we need to stop gender segregation and encourage friendships!

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How I Decided Upon My Feminist Raksha Bandhan

A personal account of disillusionment through the Rakhi tying at school - this will resonate with so many of you!

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Why We Absolutely Need Gender Inclusive Education Today

A gender-Inclusive education is the need of the hour. What needs to change is how we, despite demanding equality, still at times, perpetuate gender stereotypes. 

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The Myth of Gender Equality: Just How Far Do We Need To Go To Achieve It?

Is gender equality still a myth or are we on the track to tackle the elephant in the room that is feminism? A journalist writes about her observations.

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