Gender Equality
Embracing Change: Redefining the Modern Family
Let’s Embrace Change By Becoming The Role Model Our Kids Need!

Normalizing subjects that are “not the norm” have a positive role in the cerebral growth of kids. Let's celebrate this diversity of families!

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‘Thoda Adjust Kar Lo’, A Sneaky Way To Slowly Eradicate Any Independence In A Girl

It's problematic to believe that a woman's inherent job is to provide care. It is this false notion about gender roles that makes women overlook codependency.

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10 Reasons Why We Need Same-Sex Marriage In India
10 Reasons Why We Need Same-Sex Marriage In India

Marriage is a socio-legal contract that comes with benefits. And here are 10 reasons why we need same-sex marriage In India!

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India Ranked 135 In Global Gender Gap Index!

Gender Parity Data reveals our actual condition. India ranked 135 out of 143 nations in GGG Index! Are we going backwards?

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Women’s IPL Dates Announced – Better Late Than Never?
Women's IPL

Women's IPL or WIPL have been announced. About time. How will this affect women's cricket in India and will we give them a fair chance?

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‘So What? Since You Can’t Give Me What I Want, I Go Outside To Get It’ He Said!

He never forced her again. She began feeling that things were getting better, until she got to know about something she'd never imagined- her husband had extra marital affairs.

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