Gender Equality
‘So What? Since You Can’t Give Me What I Want, I Go Outside To Get It’ He Said!

He never forced her again. She began feeling that things were getting better, until she got to know about something she'd never imagined- her husband had extra marital affairs.

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7 Very Practical Steps For Successfully Negotiating Salary – For A New Job Or A Hike!
negotiating salary

In an unequal world with fewer women in the workforce, and facing gender pay gaps everywhere, negotiating salary can be an essential skill.

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Be Like Virat Kohli, Not Like The Trolls Calling Him ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’ For Appreciating Anushka!

Support from a wife is highly under-appreciated and underrated, and given our patriarchal setup husband appreciating the wife is a matter of ridicule or criticism.

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Did You Check Today If Your Wife Or Mother Has Eaten Well Too?

Ironically, she is the one who takes care of everyone else’s nutrition needs in her home, yet when it comes to her nutrition, sadly it does not seem to be a priority. #NationalNutritionWeek

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Remembering Sanjoy Ghose Whose Vision Has Made Lives Better For Underprivileged Girls & Women
Sanjoy Ghose

Sanjoy Ghose is the founder of URMUL Trust and CHARKHA, collectives that have ensured that vulnerable girls and women in marginalised sections of society have a voice.

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Why Should A Woman Leave Her Home After Marriage?

What if I ask you to leave your loving parents forever and live with someone else your entire life, in their home, with their parents?

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