Let’s Look At The Positive In Anand Mahindra’s Recent Tweet As An Excellent Use Of His Privilege

The response to Anand Mahindra's recent tweet has raised the hackles of women who have been saying this for ages without being acknowledged, but let's also look at the positive.

The response to Anand Mahindra’s recent tweet has raised the hackles of women who have been saying this for ages without being acknowledged, but let’s also look at the positive.

A recent tweet by Chairman of Mahindra Group and Industry leader, Anand Mahindra is winning hearts across social media. He made the following tweet on his handle:

“I’ve been helping to baby-sit my year old grandson this past week & it’s brought home to me the stark reality of this image. I salute every working woman & acknowledge that their successes have required a much greater amount of effort than their male counterparts.”

Where his comment has garnered appreciation it has also raised the question as to why he never noticed it before, especially since he heads a big conglomerate and has many women working for him.

However, I feel it’s not too late. It is a step in the positive direction when men of power and stature start acknowledging that women manage dual roles with aplomb.

There have been a gradual but distinctive shift in our society as more and more young women join work force. They have dreams and aspirations for both their professional and personal lives. Though they chart out their career plans, most of them also want to get married and experience the joys of motherhood. But, when the time comes, it’s a fine balancing act that a woman has to maintain. Apart from the maternity leave that she takes, which at times costs her plum opportunities, she also starts a race against time at both work place and office.

Where most men want working wife to have the double income benefits, they do not want to share the work load at home. Unfortunately the thought that kitchen work belongs to a woman is deeply entrenched in our mindset. Though they might be supportive of their wife’s career choices, most would still shy away from pitching in. The management of kids’ schedules, projects and homework also usually fall on the mother’s capable shoulders.

True, there are house helps and at times grandparents to help but organizing and delegating is also usually the woman’s domain. We have heard many stories of women suffering from early burn out, depression, stress and anxiety as playing a wife, mother and employee is not easy.

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It has to be noted that even with the many demands on them; women are still making their mark. They are heading banks, corporate, starting their own companies or flying planes. They are climbing the corporate ladder with one hand, while folding clothes with another. They are not asking for any special concession but a word of recognition once in a while means that their hard work is noticed and appreciated.

Yes, it took Anand Mahindra a week of babysitting to realize this, but atleast he did recognize and commend them. He did not dismiss it thinking that it’s a woman’s job. He admits that men have it easy. Hence, I think we should take this compliment and move ahead with our heads held high.

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