Work Life Balance Tips That Help Us To Stay Sane In An Overwhelming Life

Work often seems to overwhelm life! These work life balance tips give your wellbeing a boost along with your career and other commitments in life.

These days, work-life balance may seem to be a utopian concept. All of us are victims in the tentacles of several commitments – career, kids, family, friends – its difficult to maintain our sanity.

In a world that is constantly trying to change us, I think, it would do us good to know some work life balance tips to conquer the challenges of life and strike a healthy work life balance. Read the work life balance tips below, and start implementing them today if you haven’t till now. Help yourself in the pursuit of happiness that you deserve.

Understand that you are not perfect

Many overachievers tend to develop perfectionist tendencies from a very young age which becomes hard to maintain as they grow old and life becomes more complicated. So it will do you good to understand that you cannot be everywhere all the time; perfectionism is a myth, really. Trying to be perfect all the time is inhuman and thus destructive in nature.

The key to maintain your calm is to ditch perfectionism; strive for excellence instead.

Use technology to your advantage

Technology should help make your life easier, not control it. Though technology makes workers accessible round the clock, learn how and when to ban it at times so that you can focus on your family life better.

Prioritise your work and plan ahead

Learn to prioritize work, personal or professional. Maintain a calendar or a journal to plan ahead so that you don’t miss out an important meeting with the client nor your daughter’s PTA. This will also help to keep a track of how much you have on your plate, and let go of some things. Perhaps it’s okay not to go for the building association meeting, if you are swamped! Perhaps your spouse should go for that PTA if it clashes with the date of an important client meeting – who says mom has to do all the parenting?

Have some “Me” time

It is very important to have some “me” time; that way you can connect with yourself better. Respect this time in the same way as you would respect your colleague’s time. If you set aside for yourself or for your family, try not to bring work home; instead just relax.

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Practice yoga or cook up a storm in the kitchen with your family or go for a massage or simply rest and sleep – choices are many, you see, depending on what works for you. You need this “me time” in order to be back with a bang, be more productive and focussed.

Follow these work life balance tips to get back the equilibrium in your life.

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