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Parent Corner: My First Time Experience With Robotics And Technology

Learning to code and having knowledge of robotics has been hugely advocated- Read further for the first hand experience of a parent who enrolled their child to learn these very skills.

Learning to code and having knowledge of robotics has been hugely advocated- Read further for the first hand experience of a parent who enrolled their child to learn these very skills.

Venturing into the world of robotics

September has been a ‘wonder month’ for me so far. In one way, I restarted my career with freelance writing, which I am glad to do in these challenging times of Covid 19 outbreak; in another way, I started exploring the world of robotics with my daughter.

Any parent will relate to me when I say that it is difficult to keep your children actively engaged indoors. As going out is not an option due to the pandemic situation, parents are constantly thinking of new ways to ensure that their children are happily involved.

One day, an old friend called me and mentioned about how she enrolled her son for a robotics class. I thought this is another new fad that has started amongst parents; I didn’t want to go by the herd.

After few days, I read about a Scratch Programming fun session that will be conducted by a student ambassador recognized by QtPi Robotics. What caught my attention is that the session will be a student led one, which means a student will teach other students!

So, while I registered my daughter’s name, I also made an effort to contact the robotics firm to know more about this unique session. As a mother of a Class 2 student, I wanted to explore the world of robotics. They explained me about the class, our expectations as parents, the scope of learning and of course the fun element.

My experience as a parent

I also get to see the live session while my daughter participates in it along with other children (Grade 1-5). Once convinced, I asked them if I can talk to the student ambassador, Srija Ghosh and interview her for my blog. I got approval after two days and it was a wonderful experience. As an adult, I too learnt a thing or two about time management skills and some simple tips on how to write poetry as well! The perpetual learner in me was happy to interact with this little genius. Here is the link for the same: https://youtu.be/Yki-BsJTpoQ

After interviewing her, I knew my daughter will love the session and as a mother it will be fun to watch a student teaching other student.

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Class going on
My daughter attending her first coding class

My takeaways from the session

  • Srija knew her topic well. She anticipated the questions from her audience and prepared well.
  • As a parent, I felt that the organizers could have put together students of same grade, instead of setting up a session for class 1 and 5. Perhaps, they could have made a small group for Class 1 & 2 students and another for class 3 -5 students.

As they say, every time is the first time, my daughter enjoyed her first-time live robotics class. Though as a nature lover, I would want to play outdoors with my children, but as that is not an option, why not try new things?! They can be meaningful too.  

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