6 Solid Reasons Why I Recommend Going On Vacation With Girlfriends Every Year! Yes, Thank Me Later!

Want to reconnect with the person you are and not just the daughter-in-law/wife/mother/employee you are expected to be? Go on a vacation with girlfriends.

Want to reconnect with the person you are and not just the daughter-in-law/wife/mother/employee you are expected to be? Go on a vacation with girlfriends. 

A few years back, four of my besties and I made a pact to have at least one vacation together every year. It was easier said than done, as it meant arranging the schedules of five working women – their husbands, kids, social obligations etc. Needless to say, it meant we could not take more than four days off, but we took them, and have been having a girls’ outing since.

This year we chose to escape to the mountains and had a wonderful time together. We also realised that we all were truly relaxed and enjoying this vacation more than any others, because it was just us. It made me realise that we all definitely need breaks like this vacation with girlfriends, and here are the main reasons:

You can truly relax

Yes, for few days you are not an employee, mother, wife, sister, daughter in law and do not need to be taking care of zillion things that you usually do even on a vacation. You can get up, sleep and do as you please at whatever time you want. A luxury not allowed to you on other vacations.

You can shop in peace

How many times during your previous vacations have you been hurried through your souvenir shopping by irate husbands/ boyfriends, bawling children or tired parents? When you are with other like minded women you can shop to your heart’s content and bargain, as your friends will also be doing bulk shopping.

You can share make up and clothes

It’s great to be able to travel light and not worry if you forgot to carry your kajal pencil. You can share make – up, cosmetics, toiletries and even clothes (if you are of the same size).

You can talk

Isn’t most of the times us girls getting together just about that – talking our hearts out? It’s therapeutic to talk about your struggles, wins, loses, battles and scars. I have always felt that talking lessens the load we all carry around. And if this can be done with a bunch of people who understand you and are not judge you then there is nothing better than that.

You can remain silent

You can choose to remain quiet and soak in the beauty of the place you are visiting. Your friends will understand, they will let you be and will probably be doing the same. They will understand the need in you to ground and centre yourself during this much needed, and very little respite that you have.

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You can be yourself

In the time that you spend on a vacation with girlfriends, you can truly be yourself. You can remove the masks that you wear for the world. You can be the slightly flawed yet strong and beautiful individual that you are.

Hence, it is not just advisable but imperative that you take a vacation with your gal pals as soon as you can. It could be the best one you had. The destination does not matter, the journey does.

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