Packing Tips To Make Your Travel Smooth, Light, And Hassle Free

Are you someone who feels uncomfortable when you cannot pack it all? Here are packing tips to survive on light packing and traveling with ease!

Are you someone who feels uncomfortable when you cannot pack it all? Here are packing tips to survive on pack light and travel with ease!

Before dwelling into how to pack efficiently for a backpacking trip or for that matter any kind of trip, I should chant this few times to make myself believe that yes it is possible to pack light!

Packing is an art! Packing is an art and packing is an art!

I was never a light packer. My mind has the tendency of thinking about the rarest of rare instances where I might need something and I pack that too!

Here is one such instance from our famous packing stories – My parents and in-laws came to send us off to US for a 3 month short trip a few years back (and this was even before my child was born). So it was just the two of us, my husband and I going for a short trip. Now, not to exaggerate, but it was as if we were going along with both sets of parents and the look of the luggage that would vouch for it.

Let me reveal another airport incident which makes me laugh at my own packing skills even today! After our successful US trip, we landed in India and were at the airport’s conveyor belt to collect our luggage. We had collected all our bags and suitcases, except for one. Then we saw that one of the suitcases on the belt had its lock busted and its items half strewn! The clothes inside finally found a way to breath in some fresh air, with half of them ready to pop out!

We were cracking jokes on that poor suitcase and its owner, on “how can they pack so heavily?” To our surprise (or rather shock!), there were no takers for the so called ‘poor’ suitcase for a while, and when we had a closer look, it was nothing but our very own dear suitcase! I was so embarrassed, and I quickly shoved in the clothes and we headed to the nearest exit as fast as we could!

Somehow I never had the flair for packing things well! Now whenever we talk about another abroad trip, my husband wearily warns me that we need to pack with care, given the track record we have!

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Which actually made me think hard on how to pack light and effectively as well.

Here is a video that gives basic packing tips on doing it the right way to all those who have packing problems like me-

One major challenge usually women face is what to wear on each day, with less options and without feeling bored with repetition! At the same time we are blessed with so many options of dressing up, that we can mix and match few things and will be all set for a new look.

Check out this video for such cool packing tips for packing light for a long trip.

Now when it comes to effortless packing, it starts from planning only what is essential, in small containers, small pouches and organizers and learning how to fold your clothes right – see I told you packing is an art! Here is a video that gives packing tips on that kind of efficiency so you pack the right way!

With these packing tips at hand, you can deal with your luggage all by yourself wherever you go without any setbacks! Don’t let the luggage dread you this time from going on that much awaited month(s) long solo trip. Just go for it!

Image source: woman packing a suitcase by Shutterstock.


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