Loved The Da Da Ding Video? This New Takeoff Pays Tribute To Our Rural Sisters

Posted: August 1, 2016

Loved the Da Da Ding video? The new ‘Da Da Ding: The other women’ video is equally empowering and focuses on the really hardworking women of rural India.

The recent ‘Da Da Ding’ video featuring Indian sportswomen with Deepika Padukone had taken the Internet by storm. But now the revised version-‘Da Da Ding: The other women’ video has been released by Youtube channel Epic spiritual, which features the resilient Indian women of rural India.

Women are the pillars of the rural economy due to their total involvement with agriculture, forest protection, cattle care and dairying. This is apart from the household work, which is a part of their daily routine.

The video showcases how these women do back breaking manual labour such as construction or ploughing fields in the scorching sun, barefoot.

At times they travel miles to carry water back to their homes or to reach schools and colleges. Their daily life is a struggle as they live without basic necessities and sanitation. Yet, they smile, laugh and enjoy their lives as well. In reality they do not receive as much credit and appreciation as they should for the amount of labour they put into their work.

These hard working women are the invisible lifeline of this country. They are involved in almost all sectors at the grass root level and without them the country’s economy will be diversely affected. They may not have shoes, but they have an inherent strength that makes them women of substance.

We appreciate both the videos that are dedicated in honour of women irrespective of whichever field of work they belong to. Enjoy the video below, featuring them.

Image Source: Youtube

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  1. Wow! Thanks for bringing us this one too! This a good one too! Its a reminder and an eye opener like you rightly point out- an ode to the unsung pillars/heroes of our rural economy and backbone to our Indian society too. I loved the clever use of the song to highlight their contribution and strength and I especially like the end – “been doing it, barefoot!” Brilliant!

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