Censor Board Says No To Udta Punjab But Yes To Every Movie That Demeans Women

While the censor board slashes half of Udta Punjab, how do movies that demean women face no trouble at all?

While the censor board slashes half of Udta Punjab, how do movies that demean women face no trouble at all?

The upcoming Hindi movie Udta Punjab has been mired in controversy since the very beginning. It was earlier in the news for bringing together the ex-couple Shahid and Kareena back on the silver screen after their much popularised break-up.

The movie which is about the drug menace in Punjab is now facing the ire of the censor board. Apart from having an issue with the title, the board has also suggested 89 cuts in the film, to remove all swear words.

This realistic film focuses on a major threat to our society and youngsters. It is sad to see that movies which focus on actual issues have to fight to retain their essence where as light and fluffy entertainers are passed without a single cut.

I have nothing against light films. I think they are essential and I personally enjoy most of them, but if it is about hurting sensibilities then they do that as well.

Popular chart busters such as ‘munni badnamm hui’ and ‘chikni chameli’ portray women in a degrading manner, yet there is no censorship on them. They run to packed houses. What’s more, these songs were passed when a lady was the Chairperson of the board.

How about movies like ‘Kya Kool Hain Hum’? Even with an ‘A’ certification the movie should have faced the censors for its obvious double meaning jokes.

The Salman Khan starrer Kick has the heroine Jacqueline Fernandez practically stripping in one song. In another film of the same star, Wanted, he whistles, hoots and leers at his actresses. In Grand Masti, cringe worthy jokes revolving around sex and women make the rounds. The list is endless and I can go on.

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The censor board is present to ensure that no objectionable material is allowed to be released for public consumption. But what is the definition of objectionable? In my view the above listed examples are definitely objectionable to the community of women, yet they were not stopped.

I believe that in the creative space you have to allow some liberty. But there is a need to define this liberty. Anything which is not falling in the conventional space – be it title of the file, dialogues, songs cannot be removed without a good reason.

Udta Punjab is one of those rare movies that are trying to make a difference and expose the sleazy underbelly of the drug racket which has taken root in our society. It is essential that they are allowed to be viewed freely by all those who choose to do so.


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