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A recruiter by profession (I own Rian Placements, a manpower search firm) & a writer by heart. A mother, an avid reader embodying a wanderlust for travel & a budding blogger. A person with a love for the written word, passionate about penning down my thoughts on paper. This is how I would describe myself. I believe that life is a repertoire of anecdotes strung together in a colorful array, like a beaded necklace. The various situations that we encounter, the many incidents of everyday, make life a Melange of tales and conversational tidbits. And, this is what i attempt to capture through my writing.

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First Rains, First Hope…

Just as the Earth welcomes the first rain with open arms, so do us.. in the hope that rain will wash away all our worries.

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The Threads Of Memory

Memories connect our present to our past and our wisdom to our youth. It is the treasure chest that triggers happiness for us.

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I’m Complete Alone & In Myself; Don’t Try To ‘Take Care’ Of Me!

A confident woman today is enough for herself, and no man should dare to presume that she needs him to "be a man" for her. Then why do men take their 'protector' role for granted?

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The Artist’s Masterstroke

A beautful tribute to mothers from an artist's perspective!

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Reminiscing the good old summer days.. warm, bright and friendly!

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You Must Do The Things That You Think You Cannot Do

The feeling that there are things we cannot do. The invisible chains of conditioning that bind us more than actual ones. The regret that we could have done something... Let it not faze you anymore.

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From Her Ashes She Arose

She had been abused, left to her fate, written off. But he had reckoned without her inner strength, and the strength that a sisterhood could give her to rise... again!

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And They Made A Bond Of Parenthood

A couple, with nothing that seemed to bind them, still walking the journey together. Why? What kept them together? A poignant look at parenthood.

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Why You Should Not Travel To Ubud, Bali! (Hint: Not What You Think)

Bali, Indonesia, is known for its nightlife, shopping, beaches... but do you know of this tiny gem of a place which has none of this and is a haven of peace and greenery? Ubud.

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Why Picnics Are Important

Picnics provide valuable bonding time for families. Be in the sun or be in the shade, head for the hills or to the beach; just get set and go.

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Dear Mom, Only When I Was A Mom Myself Did I Understand All You’ve Done For Us!

A daughter understands the life and mental burden of her mom after she becomes a mom herself, and writes a heartfelt letter to her. Do read.

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And I Rise …

An uplifting poem on inner strength which would inspire you to forever rise against all odds.

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Why Childhood Friendships Are Important In Life

"Ever wonder what life would be like if we had no friends? If we had no one to share our feelings with, to experience things with or even to laugh with? Could we survive in a world devoid of the emotion called – friendship? "

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Sacrifice And Compromise: Should These Two Words Define Indian Women?

Sacrifice and compromise are two words that have kept Indian women chained to a unforgiving patriarchy that won't let them be themselves. Time to get rid of them!

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dangers in the waters of Maldives
Beware Of These Dangers The Waters Of Maldives If You’re Planning A Summer Trip

The Maldives is a beautiful place to visit, and when there, snorkelling or scuba diving is a must. Stay safe while you enjoy it, by keeping away from these dangers in the waters of Maldives.

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Poop Coffee! Seriously?

Kopi Luwak, one of the most expensive coffees in the world is made out of the faeces(poop) of Luwak, a Civet cat. So, are you a coffee lover?

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10 Handy Tips To Get You Snorkelling Safely & Joyously!

Snorkelling, unlike what many think, is not about swimming. These 10 tips will help you go snorkelling comfortably and enjoy the riches of the underwater world. 70% of this beautiful planet that we call home is water and is home to some of the most beautiful creatures found on this orb. These magnificent creatures, each […]

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An Ode To The Women Farmers

The author pens an ode to the farmer women who work as hard as the men and yet their labour goes unnoticed.

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A Mother’s Lament

A poignant poem which depicts a mother's sorrow and the boundless love for her child.

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My ‘BDB Rule’ Of Self-Planning A Vacation Makes Every Trip Interesting And Stress-Free!

Travel is not just about the place we go to, but the whole trip, right from planning it. Here's how the author approaches it, getting the most out of the trip. In all possible ways! 

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complications after hysterectomy
4 Common Complications After Hysterectomy My Gynaecologist Didn’t Tell Me About

After many health issues related to my uterus, I went in for a hysterectomy on my gynaecologist's recommendation. But there were some complications after hysterectomy that I wasn't aware of.

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How To Plan A Trip To Maldives

Sonal gives you all the inputs you need to plan a trip to the beautiful Maldives. Read on to plan your next holiday !

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Yearning For Life

A poem which says that though life is not a bed of roses, but still the zeal to live life triumphs.

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Why You Must Travel To Shillong!

Shillong is an enchanting place which is bound to rejuvenate and refresh you, says Sonal!

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A Thought !

"I am born of your deepest desire, your whim, your fantasy, your fire"- Who am I? 

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DP Loss: Huge Crisis!!

This incident from a mom's diary will certainly amuse you. Read on.

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The Microwave Is Broken Mom!

A hilarious account of what transpires when the microwave suddenly becomes non-functional.

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When Things Are Falling Apart…

A poem which urges us not to be bogged down but to rise again despite the darkness.

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Sleepy Kids On School Mornings? Try These 4 Tricks I Used For Early Bedtimes

Have trouble with waking up kids in the morning and getting them to go to school? Maybe they aren't getting enough sleep. 

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Mom, What’s For Dinner?

A humourous banter between a mother and a daughter arguing over the perennial problem- 'What have you made for dinner?'

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road trips
Road Trip? Make Sure To Pack These 15 Essentials, Woman!

Road trips are possibly the best idea ever for the holidays. Here are some essentials that you will need, as a woman, to make the most out of it.

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kids today
Has Digitization Robbed Childhood Of Its Innocence?

Kids today are always on some gadget or social media, and have no time or interest in creating and nurturing personal relationships in the physical world. Isn't this a problem?

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These 5 Workplace Hacks Will Make You Feel Much Better About Going To Work!

We may not be able to change everything we dislike about our jobs, but these simple workplace hacks will help you cheer yourself up at work and make for a cozier office!

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Do Our Friendships Shape Our Individuality?

While our genes, family, and nurture play a large role in our personalities, the friendships we make throughout life make a big mark on who we are.

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feelings of a mother
I’ll Always Be There For You!

#Poetry. Here is a short poem on the feelings of a mother as she holds her baby close, a poem that expresses all that motherhood is about.

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Maternity Need Not Be The End Of A Woman’s Corporate Career – IF Her Employer Supports Her

A woman's corporate career today is often cut short by maternity, but it doesn't have to be, if companies saw pregnancy as a natural part of life.

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Life Is A Story, Lets Read It Out Aloud

#Poetry. Life can be different things for different people, but so much of it can be in our hands - let's make the most of it.

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second honeymoon
Why My Second Honeymoon Was Better Than My First!

I went on a second honeymoon a few years into my marriage, and to my surprise I discovered intriguing things that made it so much better!

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13 year old
Dear Daughter, Here’s What We Wish For You As You Become A Teen!

"We have utmost faith that our daughter can achieve anything that she sets her mind on. You can be anything that you want." A letter to a 13 year old daughter.

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power of healing
Baby Steps, Again! [#ShortStory]

He still believed in the joy of being able to run and hug his mother. He still believed in the power of healing. He was not done yet!

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Why Those ‘Insignificant’ Details Matter In Resume Writing

Resume writing is not just about your academic qualifications or past work experience. There is more to resume writing, and here is why.

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Do Women Wear Makeup As A Kind Of Social Mask To Hide Their True Selves?

Do we feel the need to mask our true selves when we go out and apply makeup as a kind of war paint to help us deal with everything life throws at us?

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