I Am Done

Posted: August 23, 2019

I am done being who you want me to be

I am done seeing what you want me to see

I am done doing what you want me to do

I am done with regrets so I no longer rue!

I am done agreeing to everything you say

I am done following, doing things your way

I am done wearing what you approve of

I am done with instructions, so please stop!

I am done keeping quiet, done with silence

I am done cloaking my hurt as resilience

I am done being prey to emotional abuse

I am done being blamed, I now simply refuse!

I am done being a possession, to be shown

I am done not having an identity, my own

I am done donning avatars to bow and please

I am done with servitude, yes finally, jeez!

I am done not being heard, having a voice

I am done living my life as per your choice

I am done with the morbid illusion of love

I am done; I know now, that I myself am enough!

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