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The Crushed Petal

Posted: March 7, 2020

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She wandered lonely in a desolate world

A tiny petal, no land to call her own

Like a dandelion seed, let loose in the wind

She flitted around, on the war torn earth.

A warm breeze blew, gently picked her up

Tossed and carried her on its wily wings.

Till a barbed wire fence blocked her path

No! They couldn’t cross- she or her things.

Dejected, dismayed she fell to the ground

Where more like her lay littered and bleeding.

Her spirit broken, she looked around weeping

Her brethren fled, only warring armies remained

Just idle petals, a flower they would never be

In war, they had no land to find roots in.

Oh, they’d be crushed, their fragrance forgotten

In the ugly, clamorous, avaricious din.

Author’s note – This poem is an effort to explore the feelings of a girl child orphaned by war

Image via Pixabay

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