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The Art Of Balancing

Posted: December 27, 2019

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Am I a juggler, a fine performer of sorts?

Or am I a multitasker, just taking on lots?

My life is too full, I run from pillar to post

In my party I am the guest and the host.

The fine art of balancing, I am yet to learn

But till then I must do everything to earn

I have keep on juggling, acing all my work

I cannot let ennui near, it just cannot lurk.

To the drummer’s beat, I run everyday

Procrastination is my life’s one malady

But I vow, I shall balance and get it right

And, that I feel shall banish my plight.

Image via Pixabay

Sonal believes that life is a repertoire of anecdotes strung together in a colourful array,

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