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Dear Mom, Only When I Was A Mom Myself Did I Understand All You’ve Done For Us!

Posted: March 1, 2019

While juggling multiple roles, don’t forget you are important too.  Make yourself a priority because no one else will with #KhayaalRakhna

A daughter understands the life and mental burden of her mom after she becomes a mom herself, and writes a heartfelt letter to her. Do read.

Today, when I walked a mile in your shoes, I realized that life is no bed of roses. I realized that each rosy sunset was the culmination of a day’s labor. It was the final act of a day spent in toil and ardor. It was symbolic of all you accomplished in that day before you could put your feet up and enjoy the view of the setting sun; before you could rest. This realization taught me that you now call chaos your life; that you now live in an atmosphere of perpetual motion.

When I walked a mile in your shoes, I realized that the way things seem may not always be how they actually are. I realized that behind the serene smile that I always see on your face, there are a hundred emotions playing riot. I felt the weight of what you carry; I felt the magnitude of what you bear. It was humbling because I understood your strength. I understood that even a cracked interior can have a placid facade.

When I walked a mile in your shoes, I realized that being one person was not enough. I realized that in order to accommodate so many people and so many things in your life, you had to be more than one person, and at all times. I realized that somewhere in trying to be someone for all of us, we actually might have lost the real you. I never realized when the beautiful person that you were, transformed into the person who we wanted in our lives. This realization has shocked me today.

When I walked a mile in your shoes, I realized how tired you must be. I realized how you relentlessly trudge on every day, day after day to tend to us. How you never stop even when your yesterday merges into tomorrow without meeting your today. You just carry on with an indefatigable spirit. You keep walking even in ill fitting or over sized shoes. You keep walking even if your feet hurt. You just never give up. This realization has been a revelation of how much we take you for granted.

When I walked a mile in your shoes today, I realized that I cannot walk on. I cannot take on even a fraction of your day and still continue on. I realized that I need to transcend from being me to being someone who has no sense of “me”. Someone who lives a life but not her own; someone who takes a breath to breathe life into others. This realization has shamed me.

A version of this was first published here.

Image source: a still from the movie Listen…Amaya!

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