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Dear Daughter, Here’s What We Wish For You As You Become A Teen!

"We have utmost faith that our daughter can achieve anything that she sets her mind on. You can be anything that you want." A letter to a 13 year old daughter.

“We have utmost faith that our daughter can achieve anything that she sets her mind on. You can be anything that you want.” A letter to a 13 year old daughter.

Dearest Daughter,

As you stand on the threshold of teenage today, we are reminded of the tiny bundle that we were blessed with 13 yrs ago. A little cherubic face swaddled in reams of cotton cloth. You looked up at us with eyes that were and still remain deep and loving and we were smitten. Completely!

From that moment onwards you held our hearts and we knew that our lives would have so much more meaning now that you were a part of it. 13 years ago, it was not just a daughter that was born to us; it was parents that were born too, for the first time.

As you step into your teens today, we see a confident young lady. The child within you has matured into this wonderful person who is warm hearted & kind. We hope that you never lose this attitude and only gain more perspective from it. Always remember, what you give is what you receive from others, in one form or another. So, always remain an understanding and empathetic individual, one who judges people not for what they are but for what they can be under the right circumstance.

Balance confidence with an open mind

You are a strong minded young lady and have always been. From an early age on, you always knew what you wanted and were dogged about it to the point of obstinacy. Your stubborn streak has helped you master a lot of things even at this young age and will continue to do so. But, remember that every coin has two faces! So there is always a flip side to everything. Your dogged determination could be viewed as undue pig-headedness by others. So, stick to your ideas and views but consider what others have to say too. Be flexible & adaptable in life like water because rigidness is a characteristic of only stone which can break at the touch of any force.

Books are your best friends

You have always been expressive with your words. Nurture this habit. This habit will see you though may of life’s problems in which you may need a cool & logical head. Read as much as you can because there can never be a better friend than a book. There is no power greater than the power of the written word as that cannot be taken back. The ability to translate your thoughts & ideas into coherent phrases on a piece of paper is the greatest talent of all.

Have faith in your dreams

You are a dreamer. Your dreams are young yet & undefined but soon as you grow older & gain more experience, you will be able to understand the steps that you need to take to turn these dreams into reality. This will require a great deal of dedication and tenacity, both of which we know that you possess. We have utmost faith that our daughter can achieve anything that she sets her mind on. You can be anything that you want. You can choose any career option and we shall unreservedly support your choices.

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Own your decisions – and mistakes

We have always held your hand and guided you to make the right choices in life but as you grow older, we shall be holding your hand a little less and letting you venture forth on your own, a little more. This is not because we do not care or love you. In fact this will be because we care too much.

As you grow older, you need to make your own choices, choose your own path and that shall require decisiveness and maturity. If you make mistakes (and there will be some along the way), then you need to take ownership of those mistakes on your own, face the music, learn a lesson from it and move on. We can guide you and counsel you but ultimately your decisions need to be your own as do the consequences arising from them. But this does not mean that you should live your life in a cocoon or atop a cloud, away from everything. We get one shot at living (as we get one life only) so make the most of it. It’s literally the chance of a lifetime!

Make wise choices

Always remember that wherever you venture forth in life, you will always have two choices. The first shall be to travel alone on your path and the second shall be to walk with others. Choose wisely because even a leader needs followers. An artist shall always need an appreciative audience so adjudge the situation and then choose your path. You need not always consider others along the way. It is okay to be selfish once in a while but to be self-centred is not advisable. There is a fine line between ego and self-respect. Ego alienates you and detaches you from true friendship & relationships while self-respect shall always serve you and make you humble. We shall always be there for you, whatever your choices.

More than anything darling – love, laugh and live! Your teenage is going to be the best phase of your life. It will one day lead to adulthood and eventually make you a beautiful young woman. So, go forth and –

Make friends; have an entourage!

Love unreservedly; everyone deserves a smile!

Laugh incessantly; it will tremendously increase your face value & endear you to people!

Go crazy; it’s okay to go banana at times!

Read a lot; there is a panorama of knowledge waiting for you out there!

Travel; backpack around the world, experience the globe!

Indulge; in food & culture, art & music!

Interact; with people & gain new insights into humanity!

Embark; on an adventure be it fantastical or real!

Care for others; allow others to care for you & bond with you!

Be kind; its good karma that eventually comes back to you!

Help others; everyone needs someone!

Listen well; people may see a confidant in you!

Embody strength; it’s the one thing you can rely on!

But more than anything else,

Live; as if there were no tomorrow, live everyday to the fullest!

We love you and always shall. We have always been proud of the person you are and shall be prouder of the person that we know you shall one day become.

Lots of love,

Maa & Papa.

Image source: pixabay

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