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The Threads Of Memory

Posted: May 18, 2019

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The sights of yesterday become memories of tomorrow.
In this transient world, there is no permanency.
Everything is always in momentum.
The circle that we live inIs moving to a beat, which is frantic, chaotic and tumultuous.

We struggle to find a place, a pit stop in this chaos.
We try to dig in, a feeble attempt at anchoring our roots.
But, in this constantly mobile and revolving world,
Positions change, situations change; life changes.

But, the threads of memory are woven of enduring atoms
And these silken fibres bind us inexplicably to things.
They forge our relations and our associations, even in change
And; they nudge us together in bonds that are lasting.

Even if we were to try, there is no escape from these bonds.
They are all around us; in the smallest of emotions,
In the merest of feelings and in the tiniest bits of joy.
They prevail over all else in our lives, they control.

What would life be, I wonder if we had no memories?
What would we feel if we woke up one day and had no past?
Would we accept that day for what it would bring forth?
Or, would we struggle to maintain some semblance of order?

What if the thread of memory could not endure anymore?
What if the atomic bond that held it together, snapped?
Would we still be who we are I wonder, without our memories?
Or would our essence be lost someone in this chaotic world?

Whatever the outcome may be, one thing is clear
That without these enduring atoms that weave our memories
We would struggle to recognize ourselves.
We would flail; we would flounder and probably sink under.

You see, the sights of yesterday do become memories of tomorrow.
They are what connect our present to our past, wisdom to our youth.
It is because they endure the vagaries of time & space,
That we are able to enjoy our life, surrounded by remembrances.

Image via Pixabay

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