I’ll Always Be There For You!

#Poetry. Here is a short poem on the feelings of a mother as she holds her baby close, a poem that expresses all that motherhood is about.

#Poetry. Here is a short poem on the feelings of a mother as she holds her baby close, a poem that expresses all that motherhood is about.

As a mother our greatest wish is to see our children happy & content in life. There is no stone that a mother will leave unturned in order to shield her child from harm. A mother’s first instinct is not her own survival but the survival of her child.  Some thoughts.

When the path ahead is unclear and the going is tough,
When the road ahead is strewn with stones rough,
Hold my hand and trust my instinct,
I’ll take you through life, on to paths distinct.

When you are depressed and are feeling sad
When the things around you all appear to be bad
Lean on my shoulder, cry a bit on it
Put all your troubles on my lap, whilst near me you sit.

When your brain is muddled and thinking is fuzzy
When you believe you are going to go stark, raving crazy.
Whisper your troubles into my ear
And I’ll guide you onto thoughts, crystal clear.

When you are confused & appear to lose your focus
When things around you seem to be in hocus-pocus
Close your mind and lend me your thoughts
Let me be your brain, let me call the shots.

When your eyes appear to un-see, what’s clear as a picture?
When everything around you is losing its structure.
Just close your eyes and let yourself be
I promise, I’ll be there for you, for you I shall see.

If ever in doubt, ever in an ache,
Always remember and this truth never shake;
I’ll always be there, just being your shadow
Will never leave you, in misery, to wallow.

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Born of my womb, we are connected,
By threads that for the world could well be undetected.
Our bond shall triumph over the biggest travail,
The fates may rail against us, but to no avail.

My love shall shield you from all harm,
It will protect you like a lucky charm.
As your mother, this much I do vow
To this strength of motherhood, I bow.

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