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Mom, What’s For Dinner?

Posted: November 17, 2018

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A humourous banter between a mother and a daughter arguing over the perennial problem- ‘What have you made for dinner?’

“Mom, I’m famished. What’s for dinner?”, hollered my daughter as she walked in post her nightly stroll with her buddies.

“It’s stuffed Calamari”, I replied from the kitchen.

Ever the prankster, she retorted, “Kaun si Bimaari?”

“Bimaari nahi, you Bevakoof. It’s Calamari – Squid”, I clarified, amused.

Oh Squid! Why didn’t you just say so in the first place? I swear Mom, every new season of Master Chef that airs, brings out weird sounding food to the table. Sometimes I feel like Gary, George & Matt have invaded our residential space and have infused their culinary souls into you. Anyway, whatever possessed you to cook a sea monster?  You do know that a giant squid tried to sink the Nautilus? (Referring to one of my favourite Jules Verne works ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea’). Don’t you have anything else in the house, maybe slightly less predatory in nature?”, quipped my daughter.

“Well, I do have Mushroom Biryani and Pepper Chicken”, I said feeling rather proud of myself.  Working a back to back week leaves me with limited time to indulge in my favourite hobby, that is- cooking. So, when I do get an evening free, I try and make a bit of everything for everyone.

“Mom, Really! Such spicy food! We already know you are a good cook, why don’t you experiment on guests and serve us normal food instead? Or better still experiment on Dad when he is in town. He doesn’t get much opportunity to eat home cooked meals. He will eat anything you cook” , said my daughter rolling her eyes in mock exasperation.

Now irritation set in. Here I had slaved for two hours prepping and cooking such a delicious meal and two minutes of repartee with my child had brought me to the brink of frustration.

“Define normal food? You don’t eat literally three fourths of the vegetables available. You have an issue with pulses. So, tell me how to feed you and what to feed you?”, I countered thoroughly cheesed off.

“Gee Mom chill! You know, make us just something normal”.


Needless to say, I was tempted to serve Daal Khichdi for the rest of the week!


Image Source: YouTube


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