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Second Chances

Posted: July 24, 2019

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I jumped up, I grasped and clutched.

Alas! Doubt invaded, my feet lurched.

My hand faltered, hovered near the goal

But unsure, I questioned my own role.

“Do I deserve it, or do I not?” I thought

Negativity & pessimism in my mind fought.

My beclouded brain got more befuddled,

I clutched at my hair, completely addled.

But then clarity came, a ray of optimism

From my heart & overruled my brain’s schism

I steadied myself, held onto my belief,

I felt more confident, oh! What a relief.

I reached out and grabbed it with my hand

Nerves steadied, smiling, I took a stand.

I resolved, no more fear, ruing or backward glances

We must take & hold onto these second chances

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Image via Pixabay

Sonal believes that life is a repertoire of anecdotes strung together in a colourful array,

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