My Boy Lies Here

Posted: August 2, 2019

My boy lies here, six feet under in land that fate from me did plunder

It was my time not his, down in the dirt; How will I live now, with all this hurt?

Valorous he fell fighting for a cause. They say he never held back, never did pause.

He fought bravely till his last breath permitted, all dues to his country remitted.

A childhood dream fueled his passion; he followed his heart to serve his nation

Oh! How proud and tall he stood in battle, an image of strength & great mettle.

“What I would give to once more hold you to my bosom, to feel your heartbeat?

But alas, you are gone. Fate has been most unkind; it has robbed me of this treat.”

Rest now my brave boy, your work is complete, you have paid your dues.

I must go now, our journey together is over. I need to call others and share this news.

That a martyr fell today, a soldier sank; my boy is gone, he was a captain by rank.

I promise not to cry, I will not weep but son my night’s now will be devoid of sleep.

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Image via Pixabay

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