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When My Heart Keens

Posted: February 5, 2020

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When solitude beckons on the wings of exhaustion

I surrender, I concede, I give in

For I know that serenity awaits, arms outstretched

I sink into it, I let it envelop me.

When quietude clamors for attention amid the din

I listen, I heed, I agree to rest

For I know my weary soul needs some succor so

I acquiesce, I let it shroud me.

When perturbation threatens to engulf my equanimity

I delve, I introspect, I meditate

For I know that I myself hold the answers to sagacity

I think, and I evaluate things.

When my impassioned senses are roused to turbulence

I weep, I cry, I sob out aloud

For I know I need to purge, embrace this catharsis so

I wail, and I rant at the world.

When thus spent, I gather myself like a bundle of sticks

I shed my fears, I dry my tears

For I know my desolate heart needs to bleed some to

Heal again; feel again, bit by bit.

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