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Dear Me…Some Affectionate Verses For My Younger Self

Posted: December 23, 2019

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“My dear,” I would tell my younger self, “let life not overwhelm you. It is an opportunity that comes once, live it to the hilt.”

In the winter of my life, I sit on a patch of sunlit grass,

My thoughts inadvertently, turning to the days of yore.

Nostalgia envelops me, memories embrace me warmly

As I sit and reminisce, as I remember what once was.

If I could turn back the clock, there is so much I would say

To a much happier, more carefree, a younger myself.

‘My dear,’ I would begin, ‘let life not overwhelm you

It is an opportunity that comes once, live it to the hilt.’

‘Dream, even impossible dreams for in those yearnings

Are the paths that will guide you, be your moral tenets.

Let your fancy roam free in the azure garden of hope,

Fluttering with the cottony clouds, ebullient and jovial.’

‘Let not the burdens of relationships, the bounds of

Matrimony shackle you or tie you but instead let them

Be the roots that bind you to the soil of love and faith.

Let them be the anchor to the rope of your exploration.’

‘Seize chances, grasp opportunities, don’t shy away, nay!

Test your limits, else, how will you know your boundaries?

Craft a life filled with aspirations just rein in the ambition.

Let there be expectations but not conditions to meet them.’

‘My dear, in the spring of your life autumn shall come too

For that is the circle of life; strife follows joy, makes it ebb.

But, know this, everything is transient; life keeps spinning

So walk to your own beat but adjust, adapt to life’s flow.’

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