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A passionate scribbler and wishful bread earner. A working professional in an embassy and a freelancer French language trainer. A voracious reader and loves to connect readers and writers. Author of Ibiza by Geetika Kaura (the name before marriage) now available worldwide paperback and kindle edition, worked as a co-author in various anthologies, An anthology Thrill in a kill is available on Amazon. Second book, Jashn- an awakening is available on all reading platforms. You can connect with me at [email protected]

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5 Life Lessons Through Loss From Uunchai, The New Amitabh Bachchan Starrer

I'm glad that I could celebrate small happinesses and events with my mother while she was alive. I made short videos of her laughing out loud and clicked pictures of her smiling face.

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As A School Teacher, Here’s Why I Feel My Mental Health Is At Stake

With remote working being the new norm in a lot of places, including the education industry, it is easy to assume that trainers are available 24x7, which makes it hard for working women especially.

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Darlings… Aankhein Chaar Ho Gayi Tera Ye Wala Change Dekhkar…

Honestly, I want to appreciate Alia to set an example as a lead role that the change has arrived and the girl like her who was madly in love with her male counterpart can still take a step and spread the fire. 

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Was Akshay Just Happy Or Bragging About Dropping Off His Wife To University?

“People go off to drop their kids to college. I’m going to drop my wife to the university of London as she goes to do her Masters in Fiction Writing,’’ Akshay said in a statement to Pinkvilla.

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Hidden Inside Intoxicating Beats, Liger Song Aafat Lyrics Trivialise The Horror Of Rape

This is how these songs and movies become popular; this music is corrupting the youth. Where are the ministers now, or the certifying jury who passes films or gives the green signal to songs? 

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Can Our Movies Please Stop Stereotyping The Family Lives Of Service Personnel?

Army personnel often have better family relationships than ordinary people, because they truly understand the value of being separated from their loved ones while they are away, serving the nation.

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3 Unexpected Things That 3 Years Of Being A Married Indian Woman Taught Me

I was an early eater, but being married into a business family meant that I couldn’t eat before my husband did. Thus, I started munching on snacks and my body began changing.

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An Open Letter Of Gratitude To Ayushmann Khurrana

With such ease, he asked, “What do you have to disclose?” I’ll take the three children from your previous marriage.

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What Starts On The Street Should End On The Street And Not At Home!

My eyes were glued to this one, “What starts on the street should end on the street. Never carry it home-or to office-or to your niece’s birthday party.”

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Tell Me Your Ghost Story

You still have to fight demons, some succeed in killing you! You must still walk, even if you went lame, or you bleed, monthly, weekly or hourly...

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I Have Died Thousand Times Before He Died…

Days, months, passed and so did Sudhanshu’s demands, which she couldn’t fulfil always. She often has bruises and people around her teased that she had a lovely night.

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A Gaali, Is It A Word? Even As A Joke?

Whenever my dad was about to utter the BH***** word I used to add a Beeeeep sound I learned from the television to cover the abusive words.

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It Took Me Not Just 9 Years To Find Myself!

I don’t want someone who simply loves and accepts me the way I am. I want someone who pushes me, challenges me, calls me out.

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My Latest Netflix Binge Was Ajeeb Daastan, Which Left Me Awestruck

Ajeeb Daastan consists of four stories, an amalgamation of thoughts to which I don’t remember the sequence, but the short films are highly impactful.

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From Breaking The Karwa Chauth Fast Without Seeing The Moon To Recovering From India’s Loss In the Cricket Match…What A Day!

On Sunday, two events took me on an emotional roller-coaster. I had to break my Karwa Chauth fast without seeing the moon. And India's defeat in the T20 World Cup.

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Isn’t It Just As Creepy If A Woman Openly Checks Out The Underwear A Man Is Wearing?

A woman ogling a man's underwear at a fitness class is just as creepy as a man doing this to a woman, so why is this 'Macho Man' ad showing this as acceptable?

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My Ladakh Trip Was Sudden & I Read The Hanuman Chalisa For A Negative Covid Report!

Ever made an impromptu travel plan? My Ladakh trip certainly was...from making last-minute plans to reading the Hanuman Chalisa for a negative covid report!

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masturbation story
‘For The First Time Ever, She Slid The Pleasure Between Her Legs…’

'Didi, sex with my husband hurts. Should I poison him?' asked Raani. That night, for the first time, she slid the pleasure between her legs and took matters in her own hands.

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The Movie ‘Pagglait’ Gives An Insight On Our Society’s View Of Grief

I recently watched the movie Pagglait and it is an eye-opener to the society we live in when it comes to dealing with death and grief. 

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I Suffered As A Non-Veg Bahu Of A Saatvik Veg Family… But My Father In Law Surprised Me!

That day I wished I was not a non vegetarian as it was only giving me trouble - I could not eat food I wanted in peace, and I did not want the food that was cooked at home. 

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filhaal 2
Akshay Kumar’s Recent Song Filhaal 2: Not Ok To Carry Excess Baggage From Our Past!

We, as humans, are designed to shed excess baggage off our shoulders in order to live a happy life. So what happens when we can't? A commentary on Akshay Kumar's new song Filhaal 2.

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Life With Just A Hundred Rupees In My Pocket

I got on a bus after so long to feel the freedom I used to have before marriage. I sat at the window seat and travelled far away from my house, my family, no going back!

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ask for it
I Did Not ‘Ask For It’ At Any Of These Times I Was Sexually Assaulted!

Your age, clothes, or what you're doing doesn't matter - you don't ask for it, and nothing 'allows' rapists to rape! The perpetrator is responsible every time.

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My Grandmother Gave Me A Gift Of Life

In a family, things aren't always what they seem to be. Such is this story where a secret, guided by love, saved a life!

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As I Turned Twenty Five, I Learnt Lessons From My Own Life!

As I turned twenty-five, I recalled memories from my past. Every lesson that I have learned makes clear sense now, which no book ever told.

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What Was Given Us Here We Shall Keep

I do believe in miracles and I am the one indeed; water falls of regrets no more sullied these eyes!

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6 Things A Dream First Solo Trip As A Woman Taught Me

When you travel solo, you are fully responsible for yourself. You are also not needed to look after others' needs so you can focus completely on yourself.

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A Villanelle Of The Night…

This euphoric night is reading words from chapters aloud,/ The moon’s glow is ripping the boundaries of the clouds.

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The Beckoning Of The Soul

Girls apply rose’s petals; my preference is rose’s thorns, They make my skin bleed,Hence I glow, Then what should I fear?

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Every night I  t i p t o e d to the frozen lake without fear of getting drowned, trying to melt it with my warmth.

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Little Deaths By You

The feeling of being loved and to love your loved one!

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Do They Just Exist Like Us, Or Do They Also Have A Life?

Watching the play of light coming through a keyhole on the ceiling in her dark room at night, and the particles of duct in the rays, the poet wonders.

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Things I Learnt From My Mother

A beautiful poem dedicated to my mother and all the things she taught me.

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‘You Belong To Me,’ I Said, Silently, As I Took The Eighth Vow Of Our Marriage

I’m a believer who denies worshipping the lord but listens to a soft voice that guides me. But it wasn't God with me, it was you- listening and guiding.

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Going Back To My Hometown

Going back to one's hometown can often bring up a great deal of memories and quiet reminiscing as we appreciate the home of our past selves. 

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