Akshay Kumar’s Recent Song Filhaal 2: Not Ok To Carry Excess Baggage From Our Past!

We, as humans, are designed to shed excess baggage off our shoulders in order to live a happy life. So what happens when we can't? A commentary on Akshay Kumar's new song Filhaal 2.

We, as humans, are designed to shed excess baggage off our shoulders in order to live a happy life. So what happens when we can’t? A commentary on Akshay Kumar’s new song Filhaal 2.

Being a fan is a strange thing, you observe your favourite character from every angle. The character they play on screen isn’t just a character for you. It’s an idol at times, an inspiration at times…, and resonate with you about someone else in your life at times.

*Spoilers Alert

Recently released song Filhaal 2 by Akshay Kumar was something I had waited for. When the first part of this song came out, I played it in a loop for days.

We all carry excess baggage from our past

I was quite surprised with the start of the song where a doctor who is going home after his shift denies treatment to a patient until he gets to know her name. She is his ex-lover with whom he couldn’t get married due to some circumstances.

Akshay’s character, the doctor, operates on his ex-lover, the character played by Nupur Sanon. In life, there are many love stories that end without any closure. It’s painful, but that’s life. But the more difficult it is, the tighter our hold on the past becomes.

What about his wife?

Now, let me talk about my feelings on Filhaal 2, in which Akshay continues to pursue his sweetheart even after her marriage, despite the fact that he is married himself, and still asks inquiries about Nupur’s husband in the song’s lyrics. Is she still dying or crying for her beloved every day, or has she moved on?

In the second stanza, he compares his affection to that of her husband. Also, he discusses his problem of whether he should move on with his wife or keep a piece of the ex with him. Won’t it be humiliating for a wife to be called by his ex’s name?

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What if his wife did the same?

When he claims that he would leave his wife for his lover even if it were required, it takes a part of me away. What if his wife had such a past, I wonder, throughout the lyrics. Isn’t it difficult and unexpected for the husband? Does it really matter?

How well it has been depicted – how terrible excess baggage is? The name of Akshay’s wife was either seen as a name in the Filhaal 1 as ‘wife calling, or within the lyrics of the second part. If you love someone and can’t be with them, first work on yourself to get over them. You must be careful not to ruin someone else’s life until you have overcome your own baggage even if someday your paths may cross.

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