Thankfully The Diagnosis Was Hypothyroidism And Not What I Feared!

Hypothyroidism, when there are low levels of the thyroid hormone in your body, needs to be diagnosed soon and proper treatment given.

A changed lifestyle is a problem for hormonal disorders like PCOD, hypothyroidism, and diabetes. But what if you are trying hard from the inside and are not able to execute the good changes in your life? When you try harder it results in disappointment.

Why disappointments? Things are not happening the way you want and your body starts behaving in an alienated way that you seem to no longer comprehend yourself.

Since my childhood, I seem to have my mom’s habits and my dad’s temper. So, everyone around me is well aware of my short temper. Since the beginning of 2022, everything seemed to be difficult. What was happening was not me.

I didn’t know what was happening and it worried me

My body aches like I was beaten with batons consistently. I have started gaining weight, with mood swings, irritability, anxiousness.

I just wanted to get it checked but then, for a while, I thought the irritability is due to not completing the tasks I assigned myself, and I’m really being hard on myself. Until one day when I took a battery rickshaw and he seemed to drive it at speed, I felt like having breasts was a big liability – the pain astounded me, and I cried when I reached home.

I thought the pain in my breasts was indicating something serious like cancer. Two women close to me had suffered from breast cancer, and it scared me. Restless, I decided that I must take it seriously and not just keep prolonging to the next free day.

I took an off the next day and I went to the doctor, she checked everything; when I say everything it means she was sure that there was no nodular point found. Then she assured me she hasn’t found anything like I was thinking, but she wrote down a list of tests.

It was a thyroid issue – hypothyroidism

After doing everything, I quickly called a person from the Pathology lab we usually go to, for an easy home collection of a blood sample and found a low level of thyroid hormone. This cleared out a lot of confusion and questions I had in my mind.

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After seeing the reports my gynaecologist told me that people with low BP are more prone to this, and I was always someone under stress for little things in life.

Thyroid issues are common yet overlooked, and treated as not so serious medical issues, especially in India. And certain people keep missing their guided doses routinely. To be honest, these days we talk about hormonal problems like PCOD and PCOS and hypothyroidism is not any different. It is also a hormonal imbalance which leads to a physical as well as mental imbalance in your life.

What you should know about hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which your thyroid gland produces insufficient amounts of certain important hormones.

There might not be any early stages of hypothyroidism, or there may be no noticeable symptoms. Untreated hypothyroidism can lead to a variety of health issues, including obesity, joint pain, infertility, and heart disease.

What and who are prone to this medical condition:

  1. You are a woman.
  2. If you have any family history (be it any gender).
  3. If you have any other autoimmune diseases like diabetes.
  4. You have Iodine deficiency or low blood pressure.
  5. People in mid-age often above 45 as well as old age above 60.

Why is it important to take this medical problem seriously as any other problem?

It increases mental health problems: Mood swings and depression or overthinking that causes severe effects on your daily life.

Infertility or miscarriages for even birth defects: The idea of writing this is to make other women aware of what I found out in my very early 30s and how important it is to treat this problem. Ladies with hypothyroidism are prone to face infertility or miscarriage if the miss the hormone supplement or left the condition untreated. The babies born are prone to have intellectual problems or any cognitive lack as compared to a baby delivered by a healthy mother.

Heart problems: People with hypothyroidism are also prone to heart disease or heart failure. Sometimes some life-threatening situations arise due to this, so my personal experience is never to oversee certain cases.

There are many foods which can cause a problem in this case, like sugary cakes and pastries and even broccoli and cabbage which are good for health otherwise. Gluten and too much soya is also not good. But what is most important is never to miss a single dose of your medicine and avoid fried and junk food. In short, opt for a healthy lifestyle.

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