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Bharat Dialogues Women & Mental Health Summit
Why It’s Essential To Break The Deep & Damaging Silence On Mental Health Around Us

The plight of Indian women's mental health often goes unnoticed. Co-founders Vivek Satya Mitram and Pooja Priyamvada conceived the idea of the Bharat Dialogues Women & Mental Health Summit to address this.

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‘A Woman’s Life Is Full Of Pain’, My Mother Had Told Me…

She single-handedly took care of a joint family consisting of 4 children, 2 old in-laws, 4 of my father's unmarried sisters, and 1 unmarried brother.

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Poonam Pandey’s Insensitive PR Stunt About Cervical Cancer Can Affect How HPV Vaccine Is Perceived

Social media is a good medium to educate people and change mindsets. But with irresponsible use of its power, there can be a negative impact.

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Period Poverty: What Is It, And How Do We Solve This Huge Problem In India?
period poverty

Period poverty is the life-long struggle many low-income women and girls face when they can't afford menstrual sanitary products.

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10 Reasons Behind: Why Is My Period Late?

Here are 10 reasons behind “Why Is my period late. But I am not pregnant!” a fright every person who menstruates goes through.

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6 Most Common Cancers In Women

This informative article glosses on the types, diagnoses, common symptoms, and treatment options for most common cancers in women.

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