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rheumatoid arthritis
What Should I Know As A Woman Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis In India?

While Rheumatoid Arthritis affects women disproportionately more, there is still limited awareness of the disease and its impact in India.

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Just As Michelle Obama Says, Your Health, Your Rules – Take Charge Of Your Health

Health of women is thier own responsibility. Michelle Obama says so and the author gives us more reasons to believe why our health lies in our own hands!

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As I Grow Into Middle Age, I’ve Begun To Love Some Things I Hated Earlier! What About You?

Ageing has always been something that people have dreaded, but this author speaks of beginning to love things that she had detested as a young person!

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5 Reasons Eating Those Beans Is A Good Idea. Chicken, Anyone?

As children, we were taught that eating proteins is a good idea, but do we still follow it as adults? Here are five reasons why you need to have your proteins!

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Like An Apa (Big Sister), Bangladesh’s “By Women, For Women” App Is A Safe Space To Get Answers
Ivy Huq Russell

Maya Apa, a personal digital assistant app, is giving Bangladeshi women and men, access to information about health, psycho-social services and legal help

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Soudeh Rad’s App Sneaks Info On Sexual Health Into Iran, Where Gender Violence Is Legal

Women in Iran barely have any sources of information about sexual health or legal protections. Through her app, Hamdam, disguised as a period tracker, Soudeh Rad (she/they), a queer feminist is sneaking that information to them.

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