Are Marriage Rituals More Important Than Mourning The Dead?

She said, "This is normal for us", something like this happened in her village when a bride’s mother died just before the wedding rituals and nothing could postpone the rituals

We are talking about the recent incident that happened in Gujrat, and the most terrifying is the death of one child and the marriage of the other even before setting the body first. My fellow writer friends are writing about this, and I have read a few articles related to the same, as this can trigger anyone. Indeed, the death of humanity.

A house where already a so-called “Barat” has arrived, they can’t just move their steps back! Why? Log kya kahenge? The house, the parents, who have lost their child when they were expecting her to start her new life.

It is normal

I was generally talking about this incident with my office helper, who belongs to Gujrat. She referred to this incident as “this is normal for us”, something like this happened as well in her village when a bride’s mother died just before the wedding rituals and nothing could postpone the rituals, they too decided to burn the body after.

I recapitulate the two things, what I read in the news, and what she just quoted as a common thing.

Is the life of a girl this cheap, or marriage and weddings are above all sentiments on this earth?

But, I am not here just to reflect on one side that has been talked about already.

When izzat is more important

There is also another aspect. The aspect where losing a child is least bothered than protecting the so-called integrity of the house. That doesn’t even give time to mourn the parents and the younger daughter who has sacrificed once again for the sake of ‘izzat’.

The man with whom she was going to call her brother-in-law, is now her husband, in a jiffy!

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Who asked her? Was she even ready for it? Moreover, the people who are nowhere close to being bothered about the death in this house, will they ever be concerned about the needs or desires of the younger one?

As the younger one was just ‘used’ the way to protect marriage rituals that were supposed to happen, and they will happen, no matter what happens! What a brilliant example of ‘life must go on’!

Women can’t express their needs! Can we?

Ugh! In India, especially in remote areas, women showcasing their needs is an alienated thing. They are not even allowed to choose their husband, but becoming a wife on your own sister’s dead body, what is it?

The incident is not only the murder of humanity but also at the same point it is much bigger than offering a choice to a girl about marriage. A woman is supposed to forget that she is a human being too. In my sight, not only Hetal but her sister also died at that moment.

Her sister may live as a living dead creature, where forgetting herself is the only choice left with her, which actually happens in most marriages around us. If a girl says or shows what she wants or needs, that makes her feminist or maybe opinionated.

Why do the parents become deaf and blind in front of the people, who will anyway talk?

It has been seen and felt many times that it is not just about the culture, it is much more, that bounds the families with these thoughts where marriages are preached than any other thing on this planet.

Image source: rajeshkoiri007, via pexels free on CanvaPro

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