I Just Placed The Saree Order Maa, Please Don’t Get Mad At Me

This morning I added one saree already stitched in the cart, but then I remember your face, you will scream. Maa please don't be mad, na?

When you were around me, I used to do the slightest things while discussing with you!

Marriage changes everything, does it change the relationship between mother and a daughter. With you, it didn’t change much, just I started feeling more connected to you as I love to discuss things a little more. This is our friendship, maa.

You are there for me when no one was, with you, I love to discuss my pains and sufferings as well as things that I love in my entire day. Sometimes I fear that I may end up hurting you, but I swear I didn’t do anything deliberately.

Today it’s my first cart in the new year. You know, na, how much I love shopping. This morning I added one saree already stitched in the cart, but then I remember your face, you will scream. Maa please don’t be mad, na?

You can be angry at me Maa, but not mad

If you want to be angry, it’s okay, scold me, but don’t be mad. Don’t just stop talking to me. You know na when I listen to your voice, my worries and my tiredness vanishes. What magic wand you carry?

Chalo, I know you’ll be angry, I don’t want that… I am not placing the order. Let me see, anyhow, I don’t need it. So what, if it’s on discount? It’s companies policy to drool the customers.

I put my laptop on sleep mode. I have an online session in the evening. Who cares to turn off and on the laptop again and again? Such a lazy daughter! I still don’t understand how I am so lazy, you are so hard-working. You’re hardly seen taking any rest.

But you know what? In the modern times, it is impossible to keep a girl and sale apart. In the evening I opened my laptop and the first thing I saw was the cart; eeeesh, take the session first. The student is waiting.

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I am still infatuated with my order

Mumma you know what the session ended after an hour, but I was still infatuated with that order of mine. And somehow I feel an urge today of getting scolded by you for unnecessary wasting money on the things I might not wear more than twice!

Now, along with the saree, there are 2 kurtas also. If I tell you before placing the order, I know what you will say?

One kurti is my gift as you know your daughter. Even if it is sale, you will never buy for you. You will think of me. This time shall I buy for you? Wait, you don’t wear such fusion Kurtis. I see something for you from the favourite shop of yours nearby to your house. You always love bhaiya’s collection.

I am thinking much now, and I am placing the order, I just placed the order maa, please don’t get mad at me. I promise I will save money in next 2–3 months. Likewise, I will not shop for the next 2 months at least.

After placing the order why I am not able to hold my tears. Arey! What is happening? I am crying relentlessly. My tears aren’t stopping. Let me call or WhatsApp you to confess my crime. I placed an order. I placed an order maa I wrote.

Will you still scold me, maa?

Will you scold?

But the WhatsApp is showing only one tick.

You don’t know how to close the read receipt. I know, I only taught you the things you know now? Then why did you learn to close your eyes before learning more about latest technology?

There are a lot of things left for you to learn. Maa my pain is deepened with this order I placed as you will not come down, neither to scold me nor to add one item in my cart. Why you left me this early, maa? There are a lot of things left for me to ask and fight for.

Your daughter,

Image source: Still from Fikar | A Short Film On Mother & Daughter Relationship

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