Daily Routine Of A Lazy, Irresponsible Woman!

My husband returns home tired after working & travelling. I, like other working women, return home refreshed after enjoying full day at office!

I am a working woman and mother of a 2 year old daughter. People say I am irresponsible and lazy because I have a house-help.

Yes, I’m irresponsible and don’t have any work. Except checking what  groceries needs to be refilled and ordering them for home delivery, washing my and my husband’s clothes, drying and folding them, getting the work-wear clothes ironed, keeping clothes in place, cleaning bathrooms and toilets, changing bedsheets, dusting windows occasionally, hand washing my daughter’s soiled clothes in hot water, bathing my daughter twice, feeding my daughter breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Rest other work like cooking and house cleaning done by the house-help and my husband takes care of getting fruits and vegetables from the market every week. So I don’t have any work except those few mentioned earlier.

On weekends men feel privileged to rest not realising women have extra work on those days!

Whether paid or unpaid for their work, I believe all women are working women, trying to keep their homes hygienic, organised and get everything done for their families like cooking, laundry, house and bathroom cleaning, etc.

Weekends or any other holidays, working men always feel privileged to rest for they have been working at office everyday, least realising the fact that women at home never have any weekends or holidays. Instead they have extra work on those days, as everyone in the family expects something special to be done on holidays.

I would always remain thankful and grateful for my parents for having made me personally and financially independent. For I always believe whatever we are today, is just because of our parents. By giving birth, they gave us a chance to live and do something to create our identity.

Being a mother of a 2 year old daughter, who hardly sleeps 3-4 hours ever since she is two months old, I feel myself positively that God has so much faith in me that he knew that I’m capable enough to handle her, being able to manage at home and office.

My husband returns home tired after working. I, like many working women, return home refreshed after enjoying full day at office!

People comment that having a maid cum babysitter, appointed by my husband for my help as they feel it to be, I don’t have any household work and that I’m irresponsible. Ours is a nuclear family owing to my and my husband’s work place. Myself, my husband and my daughter live in one place.

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To all those who comment that I don’t wake up early in the morning because of which, sometimes, my husband has got to keep rice (as he eats curd rice in the morning) for cooking on the stove himself, a very herculean task to do, all by himself.

My husband returns home too tired after working and travelling from work place to home. I, like many other working women,  return home refreshed after enjoying full day at office. So I always prefer to take care of my daughter as being a mother, she is my responsibility, so that my husband gets to sleep peacefully and will be able to go for office next day.

Recently I slept at 5 am, woke up at 8 am, woke up my daughter, fed her breakfast & then got ready for office

Yes, I’m too lazy to wake up early in the morning and can wake up only at 8 am for I’m habituated to sleep along with my daughter between 3-4 am every night and always get disturbed several times ever since she was a baby. Thankfully, recently she is going to sleep by around 1 am.

But there are times, even recently, when I slept at 5 am, woke up around 8 am, woke up my daughter, fed her breakfast and got ready for office. My office being nearer to my residence, I get time to go home and feed her lunch. So as they said I’m too lazy to wake up early but it’s ok for me as after all my laziness isn’t affecting their lives. Also I’m too lazy so I just help my domestic help/maid in cooking and preparing lunch box for my husband instead of giving him the previous day’s food or asking him to have meals at his work place happily.

So my dear fellow people who call me being irresponsible, lazy and having no work at home to do… yes, truly, I don’t have any work to do. As I already mentioned, except these few things, rest all would be taken care of my loving husband and maid.

Least bothered about what others say about me, I love being lazy, irresponsible and having no work at home, leaving everything on my maid cum baby sitter, just the way I have been since my daughter has born.

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