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Does Women’s Identity As Daughters Cease After Marriage?

After all, marriage means marriage only, be it for a man or woman. Then why does everything changes only for women, and not men?

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Daily Routine Of A Lazy, Irresponsible Woman!

My husband returns home tired after working & travelling. I, like other working women, return home refreshed after enjoying full day at office!

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My Friend’s Husband Won’t Take Phone Calls Before Her. Privacy Or Secrecy?

A friend's unusual question got her thinking: Do family members have the right to keep things private? Or is it secrecy?

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Are We In A Quest To Be Beautiful Or A Quest To Make ‘Others’ Feel That We Are Beautiful?

In this age of beauty consciousness, we have crossed all limits to using artificial products/services to make ourselves look 'beautiful'!

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I Don’t Get Why Women Have To Change Their Surname After Marriage!

When it is the woman's parents who have made her who she is today, shouldn't she be given the choice whether or not to change her surname?

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She’s Stopped Being Your Daughter Now That She’s Married, Hasn’t She?

When marriage is meant to be living, sharing, adjusting and compromising together, why is only the woman expected to do so?

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Contributing Our Part By Switching Over To Biodegradable Options In Feminine Hygiene

It's our duty to contribute for the well being of the environment by looking at the biodegradable options and our feedback after using might help

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It Is Time We Stopped Believing That Women Are Other Women’s Enemies!

The notion that a woman is another woman's biggest enemy needs to change. We need to support and understand each other.

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Who Decided Only The Girls Should Be ‘Well-Behaved’ And Calm While Keeping Their Ego ‘In Check’?

Why does the society have so many expectations from women and how they behave? Who decides how the women and girls should behave even today?

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relationship advice
Relationship Advice For Entitled Men (& Family) Who Expect Their Wives To Do As They Say

Why is a wife expected to maintain a 'good relationship' with in laws if they don't reciprocate? Here's some relationship advice to all in-laws.

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Pamper Your Kids But Don’t Forget To Teach Them How To Be Independent

It's good to pamper your kids, but it's also vital to teach them to be independent so that they can manage both their personal and professional life.

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As A DIL Will I Ever Be Considered A Part Of The Family And Not Just An Outsider?

Why is a newly-married woman told to maintain cordial and good relations with all her in-laws, regardless of their behaviour towards her? 

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expectations from daughters
Why Do We Ask Daughters To Be Tolerant And Let Our Sons Do As They Please?

Enough of taking women for granted especially in a marriage where men feel they can get away with any kind of behaviour. Time for this to change.

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Even Today, Why Is A Bride Expected To Offer Dowry To Her New Family?

In a marriage, the husband and the wife are interdependent upon each other. Then why does the bride have to bring dowry for the groom and his family?

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Isn’t It Time We Let Girls Be As Loud As They Want And Boys Cry When They Want?

If a girl brings light and colours in the house, why isn't she allowed to be herself throughout her life? Why do we still prefer boys over girls?

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Apprehensions Of A Working Woman During This Pandemic

This virus, I feel as a working woman, has posed several challenges especially for those with little kids.Though India's fatality rate is shown at 2.82%, we never know who is going to be in that 2.82%. Many people say that it cannot be controlled and we can't stop it.

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Why Shouldn’t I Keep My Original Surname After Marriage?

The name and surname you have from childhood is your identity and the name on all your documents. Why should marriage mean that a woman has to change it?

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