‘For The First Time Ever, She Slid The Pleasure Between Her Legs…’

'Didi, sex with my husband hurts. Should I poison him?' asked Raani. That night, for the first time, she slid the pleasure between her legs and took matters in her own hands.

‘Didi, sex with my husband hurts. Should I poison him?’ asked Raani. That night, for the first time, she slid the pleasure between her legs and took matters in her own hands.

Raani, have you cleaned behind the side table?

I have to be on my toes after you to make things sparkle like a diamond. You always see bhabhi (sister–in–law) is not around and you manoeuvre like a terrorist. As if you are always in the opportunity to grab to deceive me.

No bhabhi, I clean everything like it’s my own house. She smiled with zeal.

Just because I have pain in my back today, I have a problem with bowing. – uttered Raani.

What happened? Again she gave you a pill? That ultra bad lady! Has she herself been like this ever? How can a lady doesn’t understand another lady’s pain and keep supporting her lad like this? Can’t your husband use protection at least?

Hanji, (yes), I had conceived again. But then we do not have enough resources so my MIL gave me a pill.

Enough resources are not the problem girl you are already a mother of four kids. That’s the problem. Uffff… – she sighed!

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What to do bhabhi?

Arey but “tu mar jayegi aise!”-Exclaimed Ankita.

What shall I do? I tell my mother, but she says there is no place for me in my maternal house.

Not just this bhabhi, I never even enjoy sex with my husband. It just hurts. He hits me if I say no.

Poison him! –sarcastically asked Ankita. I didn’t mean it Raani, she instantly corrected!

No, you are right bhabhi…Ummmm…

She was about to utter her plan. Just some nasty sounds started from the background as if someone was on the verge of having an orgasm. Unnnnn…unnnnn….aahhhhhh…aaahhhh… there is no break to it!

Both the ladies looked at each other perplexed. It was the television as Ankita was on leave from work and was watching her favourite movie- Veere Di Wedding. This was the scene where Swara Bhaskar is masturbating. The sounds went on until Swara’s husband in the movie entered the room and found her in the midst of an extraordinary position. 

Raani eagerly asked, her husband is not even on top of her then how can she have sex?

Like without a man? How?

There is an innocent lady behind that question, who is just 28 and a mother of four boys and a girl. I wonder has she never tasted extreme pleasure? Moreover every now and then, she has been intoxicated with medicines that one should never take.

Didi, tell me na. 

Haha ye na khud wala hai. This is called masturbating.

Masterji… what?

Hahaha…Ankita gestured like a boy.

 Haw! Isn’t that only for boys?

Ankita went inside her room and came out after 5 minutes; she showed her something she was amazed to see!

It was a sex toy that she had bought from her last trip to Bali.

Acha didi suno, I have an idea. I’m going to poison my husband as you said.

Have you gone mad? I didn’t mean that.

Arre didi listen, he gives me so much pain, he must taste it too, she said with her left eyebrow raised a little. Seems like she has a plan. What was that Raani? 

Raani fed everyone dinner and went into the bathroom before going to bed.

That night, it wasn’t Raani who screamed with pain, it was her husband! She applied Vicks Vapour down there. She only felt a mild sensation, while for her husband it was a terrible prickly pain.

He believed her when she said she has an infection down there.  For the first time ever, her husband understood the meaning of consent. But after that, every now and then she used to apply things or express displeasure in the so-called love-making.

That night for the first time ever she asked herself a question when everyone else was sleeping. “What I did with both of them is right? (Raani exclaimed and felt sorry for tricking both her husband and Ankita her bhabhi from the house she works in) .

The trick question has become a trick situation. The longer she sat feeling sorry for herself, the less sorry she felt. It’s called a reverse something or the other. There isn’t time to get into that now.

That night, heavens have opened both outside and inside the house. The thunder outside was enough to subdue her music of pleasure. For the first time ever in life, she slid the pleasure between her legs and had the most amazing time ever!

Image source: Still from Lust Stories 

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